This is simply meant to get out creativity, like the rest of the wiki. Some things seem incredibly obvious, and though we love these ideas.. we accept that they'll never happen. they're not part of a formal proposal, nor are they meant to be taken seriously.

Problems with Star Trek Online

There is a very long list of rather serious problems with the game Star Trek Online, and most of them have gone completely unchecked. With some re-adjustments which seem huge but really aren't, The game's main problems can be addressed in a way that everyone would enjoy, and after trying it, everyone would.

  • It "doesn't feel Like Star Trek", as even Dan Stahl has admitted
  • Sector Space is Annoying to Cross
  • There's no real uses for bridges
  • the game is too focused on Fleets
  • There's "no content"
  • It's an Endless Grind Session
  • Everything's Too Expensive
  • There's no [Romulan, Cardassian, etc] Faction
  • Cryptic is using a "small team" to make 2 games, Federation online, and KDF online, when they should be spending all effort on a great "Star Trek Online" instead.
  • Everyone is Vice admiral.. but really a Captain?

Merge The Factions

Dantastic CS

Buying Access to Nausican Gear might result in use of this belt, and these boots on a typical Fed character.

This is a scary title to anyone reading it, as they immediately think something will be taken away. But Realistically, Merge The Factions. KDF and Starfleet. End the war, Don't end the war, but allow peopl to team together. Allow outfits to be mixed and mashed for additional cool looks as the users want. Don't stiffle creativity!

Make One single Race... Alien

90382-92 ludo cs

A Gorn Tail?

First up, No one would lose anything. If you're a ferengi, You'll have the ferengi head style. if you're a gorn, you'll have the gorn head style. 

A New player would still select a Default... but in a new way.

A Name-Entry Field (like how you set your character name) would define your "species", various "presets" would give you a generic starting base [I.E. Klingon], or perhaps the ability to restrict to "klingon parts only"

Reputation Systems are salvageable

Again, Terrible. AND overpriced. But a lot of work has gone into them, and wasting that would be problematic at best. SO! Take what's there, drop the prices a bit, and build the whole game around this.

A player will choose a "starting faction". This will give them initial access to content from the race of their choice... a few examples below.

  • Starfleet
    • Starts with Basic Sierra Outfits and Starfleet ships After upgrading tiers, can purchase more.
  • Klingon
    • Starts with Basic Klingon outfits and ship.
  • Romulan
    • Starts with basic Romulan Outfits and Ship.
  • Kit
    • As pointless and stupid as Tactical / Engineer / Science classes are, I'd seriously suggest removing them and simply allowing people to research Kits as a special "reputation", thus eventually unlocking new skills and parts, and kit-bashing their character. 

With this in mind. the idea is that everyone eventually goes through the different tiers, unlocking content from level one. Congrats, a simple restructuring of existing content suddenly makes the game feel like it has a ton. With every rep tier (5 of each) unlocking 5-7 outfits, people feel like they're getting something. 

TR: Unrestricted

There WAS a glitch that allowed you to mix-and-match Uniform/OmegaForce/Maco/OffDuty/Formal costume items. It's totally do-able in the game systems, So why hide it? why even restrict it in the first place? moreover, why restrict pallettes? It seems completely useless to limit players so severely when there's actually a need for it, it's already there, and people have already made heavy use of it. 

Moreover, Let's Suggest you extend it even further! Release unlocks like KIT leg attachments and other such items. Let people add caitian / gorn heads to a character. It can only lead to further customization! "but we'll have a gorn on earth space dock". Point being? Look at how often you already see caitians! this will only promote people to try more things. 

The Boratsu was rarely bought.....   Most people avoid the KDF simply because it can't team with Feds, which 

Kill Sector Space

Sector Space is a bigger disaster than anyone realizes, even those irritated that crossing it takes so long. So why not use that? (Note: Bridges should have invitiation status. Meaning you can set friends or even strangers or fleet members to join your bridge whenever they want! this makes them more social!)

> Character Beams out of Earth Spacedock into a NEW mini-sector map version of SOL System, that includes utopia planetia, Mars, and maybe even saturn.

> Character beams up further to what would normally be sector space and finds themselves on...  Their Bridge?

Ship Interiors and Crews

In this case, a "Crew" would require a slightly new system which is really a variation on current FLEET and TEAM. Persistant like a fleet "meaning after sign-off", but easily leavable and subject to current situation like a Team, a Crew would have a main captain (which everyone would optionally be) who could appoint "jobs" to other characters, such as "Chief Medical Officer" or "Chief Engineer."

Planning to go to DS9 after you leave SOL, You head over to your conn officer.

  • > Conn Officer > Warp To > Eta Eridani > Deep Space K-7
    • "It will take us 5 Minutes and 30 seconds to reach K-7 at Maximum Warp"

Sure. Okay. I have 5 and a half minutes to kill. *walks to Captain's chair* Oh look! My doff missions are available! =/

  • > Engineering > Recalibrate Warp Core
    • Chief Engineer: It will take me 5 minutes to re-calibrate the warp core, Captain!
  • accepts doff mission, walks to turbo lift.. goes to engineering* Oh look! My Chief Engineer! *wanders to him*
Chief Engineer: "I've still got 4:57 left til the Warp Core Is Calibrated"


  • Nox: I'm your chief engineer!!! *gets popup*
    • "The Captain Has asked you to re-calibrate the Warp Core!"
    • [Accept Mission] [Assign Engineer]*

Everything is an Adventure Zone

New Romulus is pretty impressive. But by it's standards, most of the bridges aren't, and most of the locations are lacking. So start treating EVERY Area as an adventure zone. give it combat or non Combat things to do. Don't encourage people to skip story text. just keep it simple and fun. 

  • History Museum, Saturn
    • A Social zone patterened after bridge interiors. you can view bridge and ship interior styles by simply walking between them using new assets created for the new Sector Space replacement. Here, Players could meet eachother or even do public role playing. 
  • Starfleet Academy
  • Qo'noS
  • Earth Spacedock

Put EVERYTHING in the ZenStore

Some hate the reputation system. Even so much to the point that they'd pay real money just to get the Reputation system items we suggest (romulan or cardassian styles). So put literally EVERYTHING in the C-Store/ZenStore. Seriously. People will buy it. Even stupid things if they're appropriately priced. 

Ship Interiors

90% of startrek takes place on the ship. Perhaps STO doesn't ~feel~ like star trek because you're always grinding somewhere other than your ship! Because you have no"family" problems. Because it's all combat. Because it's all.  . .. . . just a clone of every other MMO out there. 

Ship interiors need a major revamp. they should be larger. But more importantly, they should be without "loading screens". Currently you have to interact to use the turbo lift to go to another part of your ship. Why? Why not a moving turbolift? Okay. If you MUST treat it like a teleporter, than make it easier for transition. 

Moreover, use foundry controls to set up exactly who's on your ship, and why. Whether we can set items or not, I wouldn't mind buying more boffs and assigning them to sit in a single chair on my bridge, at least then someone I'd want as a conn officer would be in the conn officer chair rather than someone I consider my First officer.

Latinum... Not Dilithium or Lobi!

in Canon, Why is Latinum Valuable...?  Because you can't replicate it!

Combine ALL money systems (marks, dilithium, STF drops, Salvage) (except Energy credits) into what is currently Dilithium, Then rename it "Latinum".

Additionally, Allow people to Bet the new Latinum (dilithium) against one another at Dabo, but give the game actual rules. Congrats. They can now trade it.

Oh Wow. Everyone applauded that one. =O

Change the Economy

Adjust ALL ingame prices to reflect the concept of "Everyone acquires everything", Instead of "everyone pays a fortune for one little thing". This reflects the ZenStore, but everything else as well. People will spend money if they feel they're getting something for it.

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