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Roleplayed by: Chandlerashari
Full Name Vlaen Azhra
Statistics 5'7" / 98 lbs
Category Trill
Species Trill
Birthplace Trill
Gender Female
Human Bio-Age 42
Displaced Age 42
Languages Galactic Basic, Trill
Affiliation Starfleet, Enlisted
Station U.S.S. Nova Scotia
Role Chief Science Officer
Former Stations Starbase 39
Former Roles Astrometric Scientist
Current Rank Commander
Gender Female
Highest Rank Commander
Siblings Varen Izri


Vlaen Azthra (nee Izri) was the Chief Science Officer of the Federation Starship U.S.S. Nova Scotia (NCC-92709-A).

Short BioEdit

Vlaen Izri was born on Mak'ala, Trill in 2367 to a family of civil servants. Vlaen's father serves on the Symbiosis Committee and her mother is a high ranking member of the Trill Development Department. From an early age Vlaen's father was adamant on preparing Vlaen for the joining which led to extra lessons and skill training outside of her already demanding school work.
Vlaen spent the early half of her 20s chasing doctorates in Astrometrics, Psychology and Xenobiology. She was halfway through her Subspace Communications masters when she decided to quit and aspire to be a Starfleet Officer in 2394 after hearing about her cousin Varen's interesting exploits as a Starfleet Cadet.
Vlaen studied in the Beta Ursae Annex of Starfleet Academy as it had the Instructor's Alternate Pathway of entry which the San Francisco main campus did not have. This allowed her to follow the normal curriculum while also assisting in teaching in subjects she is qualified to teach in and guaranteeing her a rank of full Lieutenant on completion of her cadet posting.
After spending six months on Deep Space 9 as a cadet, she was promoted to Lieutenant and took a 2-year sabbatical. The reasons was clear, she was about to undergo the Joining. The preparation was stressful to her like it would other candidates. But in it she would gain the friendship of Tolak Ral, her joined mentor and esteemed Archeologist specializing in ancient Romulan and Vulcan artifacts. It was in this apprenticeship Vlaen developed her interest and obsession with Romulans and Romulan culture.
In 2400, Vlaen joined to became the fourth host of the symbiont Azthra, which shared her passion for Romulans in general, she requested a posting on Starbase 39 in the edge of Romulan space. A request granted by Starfleet Command.
In 2402, The admiral in charge of Starbase 39 dispatched her into a fact-finding mission to Rator III to investigate how the Romulans have adapted to the loss of their homeworld and to acquire slipped Romulan technology in 2389. Starfleet Intelligence began to support Vlaen's mission three months in which supplied her with the logistics needed to pass as a Romulan. In 2406 she was promoted to Lieutenant Commander after saving a cadre of Federation Scientists from a Romulan authority raid on spies.
In 2408, she was called back to Starbase 39 after Rator III was deemed unsafe for Federation science personnel after a slew of spy outings by Romulan intelligence. As a reward she got promoted to Commander and was stationed on the U.S.S. Nova Scotia-A which was now dedicated to assisting New Romulus.
In 2409, she pushed hard for "Project Unification" which would see the Nova Scotia-A refitted with Romulan and Borg technologies to see its viability in Starfleet vessels in the current Borg conflict.

Crew NavigationEdit


U.S.S. Starchaser Crew Roster (edit)

TAC Yoshizuki Captain
ENG Maria First Officer / Logistics / Omega Force: Veteran
SCI Jacko Navigator
ENG Travis Operations
TAC Anneloo Communications
TAC Melanie Weapons Systems

TAC Sabah Chief Tactical / Mission Ops Tactical
TACKala Marine Ops
TACLemec Armory
TACDiebold Security Chief
TAC ● ● Hulkster Security Officer
ENGHeather Habitat Controller

SCI Obemi Chief Science Officer
SCIDima Stellarcartography
SCICam Hydroponics
SCIFaloh Biochemist
SCIChimera Gravimetrics
SCICrenia Astrometrics
SCIParkour Developmental Lab
SCIZenobia Geologist

ENG Nox Chief Engineer
ENGInada Warp Core Specialist
ENGDahlian Quantum Waveform Engineer
ENGRetrina Damage Control / Hazard Team
ENGOareea Tractor Beam Officer
ENGPekglem Robotics Engineer
ENGBloo Deflector Control
ENG Ket'Laouren Transporter Chief

MED Silver Chief Medical Officer
MEDEdgika Surgeon / Mortician
MEDSelena Nurse
MEDIndia Combat Medic
STO Risri Counsellor

ENG Dice Cargo Bay Chief, Flight Chief
STORakk Cargo Bay
STOLudo Cargo Bay
STOJohn Shepard Fighter Pilot

TAC Rahhmi Omega Force: Shadow Ops
STO Nancy Chef
SCIDantastic Sous-Chef / Omega Force: Sci Ops
STOKarista Barista
STOEthan Noah Tribble Picker Upper
ENG Lisa Intelligence
STO Al Iean Stowaway

TAC PTO Tactical Stations
MED EMH Mk 1 Doctor / Medic

ENG Goulasche Tac Mission Ops
ENG Cammy Slipstream Propulsion

● = Reports to above, All Department heads report to First Officer.

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Ranks & Jobs

U.S.S. Starsock Crew Roster (edit)

TAC Ethan Richardson Fearless Leader (Captain)
SCI Stock First Officer - Broker (Dilithium Market Expert)
TAC Kressoan Tripwire (Chief Tactical Officer)
●● TAC Makeda Security Chief
●● TAC Sortae Arms Dealer (Armory Chief)
●● TAC Bilsphemi Tactical Ops

ENG Whatley Fix-It Guy (Systems Engineer)

SCI Paria Head Blueshirt (Chief Science Officer)
SCI Marsha Mapster (Astrometrics)
SCI Zrek Spacecase (Stellarcartography)

MED Talea Chief Medical Officer
MEDStrawBillie Lost In Space (Counsellor)

● = Reports to above, All Department heads report to First Officer.

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U.S.S. Evolution Crew Roster (edit)

TAC Thrysis Captain
TAC Akkopi First Officer
TAC Duriene Tactical Officer
TAC Nok Tactical Officer

ENG Sammy Chief Engineer
ENG T'Penne Operations
ENG Andree Engineer

SCI Meryll Chief Medical Officer
SCI Autumn Chief Science Officer
SCI Noel Science Officer
SCI Kada Science Officer
SCI Romeo Science Officer

TAC Yoshizuki Former Captain
TAC Obemi Former Chief Science Officer

● = Reports to above, All Department heads report to First Officer.

Evolution logo

Ranks & Jobs

U.S.S. Arrogance Crew Roster (edit)

TAC CaptainErrant Captain
ENG Anthi First Officer
TAC Adria Chief Tactical
SCI Zenon Chief Science / Navigator
ENG Charles Chief Engineer
TAC Yedsee Operations / Communications

TAC Gaia Mission Ops Tactical
TACDelio Security
TACEldac Armory
TACOmir'Clan Security Chief
TAC ● ● Cliff Security Officer
ENG ● Theran Habitat Controller

SCI 2 of 4 Chief Science Officer
SCI ● Delaney Stellarcartography
SCI ● Dr. Caro Hydroponics
SCI ● Khlisnivov Biochemist
SCI ● Sung Lee Gravimetrics
SCI ● Lirsysa Astrometrics
SCI ● Dr Angel Developmental Lab
SCI ● Craig Geologist

ENG Inova Chief Engineer
ENG ● Sarah Warp Core Specialist
ENG ● Istlac Quantum Waveform Engineer
ENG ● Sevik Damage Control / Hazard Team
ENG ● T'prox Tractor Beam Officer
ENG ● Dr Suraas Robotics Engineer
ENG ● Karlen Deflector Control
ENG Akmed Transporter Chief

MED Dr. Yuvok Chief Medical Officer
MEDJodan Noro Counselor
MED ● Misiri Nurse
MED ● Galen Combat Medic

TAC 9 of 16 Astrometrics Tecnichian

TAC Yucnii Dragon Squadron Commander
TAC Ve'Sec Dragon Squadron Wing Cmdr.
TAC Zephyr Peregrine Squadron Commander
TAC Jalil Dragon Squadron Wing Cmdr.

ENG xxxx Cargo Bay Chief, Flight Chief
STO ● xxxx Cargo Bay
STO ● xxxx Cargo Bay
STO ● xxxx Fighter Pilot

TAC Mira Errant Wife of Captain Errant
STO Sin Chef
SCI ● xxxxx Sous-Chef / Omega Force: Sci Ops
STO ● xxxxx Barista
ENG xxxxx Intelligence
STO xxxxx Stowaway

ENG Captain Galon Honored Captain -kia-

● = Reports to above, All Department heads report to First Officer.

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Ranks & Jobs

U.S.S. Nova Scotia Crew Roster (edit)

TAC William Captain
TAC V'nia First Officer / Chief of Tactical
ENG Pscal Chief Engineer
ENG Pronslenbig Chief of Operations
ENG Geza Chief of Security
SCI Vlaen Chief Science Officer
SCI Alarima Chief Medical Officer / Counselor

TAC Tara Conn Officer
TAC Katrice Projectile Weapons Officer
TAC Tails Hangar Bay Operations Officer
ENG Elizabeth Shield Distribution Officer
ENG Nyanda Damage Control Specialist
ENG Elohdbwoh Warp Core Specialist
SCI Rarngan Developmental Lab Scientist
SCI Felicia Communications

● = Reports to above, All Department heads report to First Officer.


Ranks & Jobs

Starfleet Enlisted ᶜʳᵉʷ ʳᵒˢᵗᵉʳ (edit)

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Player Created Characters

. STO T'Pal Section 31
. SCI Lego U.S.S. Tyco Breha
. MED Skittles U.S.S. Jolly Rancher
. SCI John Sheappard U.S.S. Clyde-A
. TAC Leeroy B. Jenkins U.S.S. Independence-F
. FEDcamplicated Goulasche U.S.S. Camplicated

U.S.S. Apocalypse
. SCI Allison Trivelli Captain
. SCI Carl Duncan First Officer
. SCI Valance Chase Chief Security Officer
. SCI Martia Andretti Chief Medical Officer
. TAC Jörg Hildegard Chief Tactical Officer

U.S.S. Equinox
. Heartless Jack StarchaserCaptain
. SCI Alleoura First Officer
. ENG Ealfleps Chief Engineer

U.S.S. Wehrmacht
. TAC Captain Nikolaus Hildegard
. SCI First Officer Kah'Ri

Deep Space Tribble / U.S.S. Explorer
. SCI Admiral Maletic

Caitian Ship RAWR
. SCI Laiuhnao Captain
. SCI Katara First Officer
. SCI Rassa Chief Medical Officer
. SCI Walleket Nurse

Canon STO Characters
. STO Admiral Quinn Earth Spacedock
. ENG Golos Vell Earth Spacedock
. VOY Boothby SFA Groundskeeper
. MED Rassa Starfleet Nurse
. MED EMH Photonic Lifeform
. TAC PSO Photonic Lifeform
. Tos Joel Randolph 23rd Century Captain
. CBborg Armek CGE Boss
. CBborg Manus IGE Boss
. CBq Q Omnipotent Being(s)

● = Reports to above, All Department heads report to First Officer.


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