John Sheappard O'Neill...Scientist working at the Daystrom Institute! least..I used to be...that is...before I joined Starfleet, Commanding the USS Clyde-A Medical Fleet Escort.

When I was 3 years father (a Starfleet Captain) was killed whilst on duty (by Naussican raiders attempting to capture a civilian cargo ship). My father was on a rescue mission...and he never returned.
A few years mother had married a Bajoran man...and decided to move to Bajor..taking my brother (Jack) with her. I decided to stay on earth (with my aunt and uncle) whilst I stayed on at Zefram Cochrane High school (where I graduated top of my class in science)..and went on to work at the Daystrom institute.
When the Federation was flung into several conflicts with hostile races..and with war on the horizon....I was approached by an Admiral from Starfleet who wanted me to put my expertise to work for him (and of course..Starfleet)...I was given a field rank of Ensign (high grade) and assigned to a starship for a scientific mission to the Vega Colony. Whilst onboard...the ship got attacked...and the Captain killed!...I was the only remaining 'Starfleet officer' on board (other than a few cadets and scientist trainees) I took command...and saved not only the ship...but the crew...and some colonists at the Vega colony site. After the mission was a success...Admiral Quinn urged me to remain in Starfleet..and promoted me to me my own ship!
Command seems to aggree with me..(after all..I ran a department at the Daystrom institute for I'm used to being in charge)...and after getting to know my crew...I think we will get on just fine. Being on a starship gives me the opportunity to futher study the sciences (even more than I thought possible)....

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