90322-84 Talea

Roleplayed by: [[User:|]]
Gender Female
Station U.S.S. Starsock
Gender Female
Weapon Pistol
Damamge Type Phaser


A Starfleet cardassian... Interesting!

Life And What comes before it

Talea was young when she heard stories of Gul Dukat and Benjamin Sisko on Deep Space Nine. While many Cardassians were not fans of Starfleet, Talea found the exploits of starfleet captains to be most "dashing".
When Starfleet announced that it was ready to open it's doors to peaceful worlds, Talea quickly told her family who...well.. were less than pleased. After many years of hard work, she finally made her way to Risa, where she formally applied to Starfleet academy. 


Crew Navigation

Starsock logo3(edit)

SCI Dantastic Fearless Leader (Captain)

SCI Stock First Officer - Broker (Dilithium Market)


TAC Kressoan Tripwire (Chief Tactical Officer)
TAC Makeda Calder Security Chief
TAC Sortae Arms Dealer (Armory Chief)
TAC Bilsphemi Tactical Ops


SCI Paria Asiki Head Blueshirt (Chief Science Officer)
SCI Marsha Mapster (Astrometrics)
SCI Zrek Spacecase (Stellarcartography)


ENG Whatley Fix-It Guy (Systems Engineer)
MED Talea Chief Medical Officer
MED StrawBillie Lost In Space (Counsellor)
STO Nancy Chef
STO Karista Barista
STO EthanNoah Pending

● Reports to above
All Department heads report to First Officer.


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