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T'Niva having a small break from her duties

T'Niva a colony born Vulcan has a long and illustruias career with starfleet 

currently 130 years old she enlisted out of school and quickly breezed through the acadamy (like all vulcans do) and got assigned to the stellar catography department of the U.S.S. Saxtorp at its time of launch and remained until it was deccomisioned 50 years later

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the Saxtorp exploring the great unknowen


one of only 2 members of the crew to serve on the saxtorp                                                                                                             from begining to end the ship ended up being more a home 

to her then an actuall house 

the day after decomissioning she was assigned to the stellar                                                                                                           catography department of the U.S.S. Salvador Dali a small but                                                                                                       advance exploration escort .

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U.S.S. Salvador Dali

though her stay was not very long at all mere months after being assigned she was made redundant from the ship as starfleet started to replace stellar catography with the more accurate astrometrics lab 

but this thankfully was not the end of her career shortly after she was assigned to the shuttle bay of the U.S.S. Velocity as a flight deck officer and as a vulcan ran a very tight deck no shuttle was ever lacking in maintance and none ever lost their showroom finish which supprised the captain especially as it was a completly diffrent department unfortunetly the captain had to reassign T'Niva to another ship after the Velocity was assigned to deep space and would conflict with T'Nivas Pon Farr

Screenshot 2014-11-18-20-03-27

U.S.S. Velocity

she was then breifly assigned to the utopia planetia ship yards once again running the show at one of the shuttle bays while crews of engineers built some of the most advance ships around

Screenshot 2014-11-18-20-24-42

the U.S.S. enigma just one of the ships built at Utopia Planetia


while on her off hours T'Niva started to exsperiment on the firing range with various types of weapons and started to grow quite fond of disruptor technology with the outbreak of war with the klingons there was no shortage of disruptors to exsperiment with though it did affect her aim with a phaser when it came to her standard proficiancy test she only just passed this ultamately got her noticed by an admiral who gave her an ultamatum join her crew or lose her job T'Niva seen logic and joined the crew of the U.S.S. Valentina were she was assigned to the shuttle bay offically but worked on adapting Elachi weapon systems to federation power supplys when the work was done she was assigned to the U.S.S. Starchaser II 

Screenshot 2014-07-02-23-00-32

U.S.S. Valentina

T'Niva currently searves on the Starchaser II as an adviser and flys shuttles on non combat operations it is widely considerd that this is T'Nivas last assignment before she retires and moves to risa where it is expected she will offer shuttle tour rides and floater rentals

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