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Full Name Oreana Silver Raine
Category Unknown
Gender Female
Languages English, Galactic Basic
Affiliation Starfleet
Station U.S.S. Starchaser
Role Chief Medical Officer
Former Stations U.S.S. Valencia
Former Roles Doctor
Current Rank Commander
Gender Female
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Skills Medic, Medicine, Doctor, Biology, Culinary
Romance Previously Dantastic



Miss Silver is a rather appropriate Trek-Doctor. Constantly over-stressed, usually quite irritable, and frequently about to kill someone on purpose, she has a tendency to scare those who know of her legend.
But then you have the motivation to consider. In silver's case, It was the fact that she's really quite nurturing when she doesn't think you're intentionally being difficult, and few could possibly be better at the job.
At her worst, She shows quite a bit of tarnish, but at her best, very little shines brighter.
With the exception of a near-constant string of Tribble-related allergies, Silver keeps the med-bay just the way she likes it: EMPTY! She gets her job done quickly and efficiently so that she can retreat to her favorite place on the ship... The Jeffrey's Tubes.
It is here that she sits and thinks, against the hum of the ship. sometimes listening to music, sometimes eaves dropping on Cam singing to the plants in hydroponics.
An oddity that multiple crew members have pointed out: Every so often she'll overhear someone and crawl out of a jeffrey's tube, surprising everyone with her presence and offer them the answer to the problem. This is most especially noted in Engineering.
However you put it, Silver greatly enjoys her peace and quiet, and damned be the one who attempts to take it from her!

Timeline of Tarnish

  1. Silver is in a Relationship with Dantastic
  2. Silver enrolls in Starfleet Academy, she wants to "help and fix people"
  3. Silver's Relationship with Dantastic ends.
  4. Silver is friends with Dan , Rahhmi , Nox , Lisa , Maria , & Cam at Starfleet Academy
  5. Silver graduates from Starfleet Academy
  6. Silver is assigned to the U.S.S. Valencia as a Nurse
  7. ed:2407~ Silver is promoted to Lt. Cmdr for her medical abilities during the Klingon War
  8. ed:2409~ Silver is invited to join U.S.S. Starchaser as Chief Medical Officer
  9. ed:2410~ Silver is promoted to Commander onboard U.S.S. Starchaser for outstanding duty


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