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90242-16 Rahhmi Profile

Roleplayed by: Zensingtea
Full Name Rahhmi Evelina Starchaser
Statistics 5'3" / 101lbs
Species Immortal, Romulan
Birthplace U.S.S. Heartless
Gender Female
Human Bio-Age 25
Displaced Age 62 Earth Years
Birthday 03/15/2387
Languages English, Galactic Basic, French, Klingon
Affiliation Starfleet
Station U.S.S. Starchaser
Role 2nd Officer (o2), O.F. Shadow Operative
Former Stations U.S.S. Starchaser, U.S.S. Starsock
Former Roles Ship Captain
Current Rank Starfleet Captain
Gender Female
Highest Rank SF Captain
Weapon See: Inventory
Damamge Type Anti-Proton
Skills Omega Force Combat Tactics, Sniper, Rapid placement, Officer Training, Medic, KDF Tactics
Accolades //Record Deleted
Parents Jack, Anita
Children none
Siblings Jacko, Travis



Rahhmi StarchaserEdit

Rahhmi is one of the more flamboyant and noticeable personalities in the universe, likely due to having spent most of her life lost in time. "It's just the way my life works?" she'll say, when asked about the subject.
Taken captive by a Klingon Boarding party, Young Rahhmi made it through a few awkward tween years with the help if India. Learning field medic skills, she next found her teenage self in the TOS, then Mirror-Enterprise era of ships before returning to our own time. 
With the experience she had going into Starfleet Academy, she was Fast-tracked to becoming the Tactical officer on U.S.S. Starsock until recieving a battlefield promotion to First Officer. A Year later, she took over the U.S.S. Starchaser, a ship named after her own father.
Rahhmi's rather unusual approach toward people has garnered mixed reactions from other species, and she  frequently hand-selects a crew of "Misfits" who don't quite fit on typical starships, but somehow excell greatly under her command.
More recently, Rahhmi has volunteered to step out of the Captain's spotlight in favor of Omega Force Shadow Ops Training.
Since passing her training, She was restationed on U.S.S. Starchaser as 2nd Officer (o2) and is generally in charge of the ship during the "Night Shift". Starfleet has left Captain Yoshizuki with strict orders to let Rahhmi act outside the chain of command, as she will personally conduct black-ops missions assigned by Omega Force or Starfleet Intelligence. As a result, Rahhmi is treated mostly as an Advisor, and sometimes seems to have an unnatural amount of information about a mission.

Rahhmi Of BORGEdit

Rahhmi Of Borg
During the Impossiborg Incident, Rahhmi was Mostly assimilated by Borg Nanites. For reasons unknown, The nanites were unable to fully assimilate her and eventually gave up, leaving her to only utter a glitched, stuttery phrase... "..I am Rahhmi of Borg. Resistance... Is Cookies."
It is yet-unknown why borg assimilation failed. She returned to normal shortly after the incident when the nanites entered a dormant state. Every so often though, they awaken and continue an assimilation attempt, usually to the same effect..

Speaking NonsenseEdit

It's been repeatedly noted since coming back to the Federation that Rahhmi has a slightly "Unusual" way of speaking. After being taken captive by Klingons in 2382 at the age of 6, she lacked advanced command of the languages English and Galactic Basic.
As a result, she spent the next several years learning the Klingon Language and frequently mixes up grammar structure as a result. Her personality is also attuned to function in the various scenarious she's encountered.
Her Self-Named language "Nonsense" is translated by closest-match meaning from the Klingon word "chatlh", referencing an inability to communicate properly usually due to a bad signal.



This shows only the most recent photos, For More, See Rahhmi's Gallery.


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