2387  BRdefault Rahhmi is born on U.S.S. Explorer to parents Jack Starchaser & Anita .
2392 BRdefault (Age 5Rahhmi is a curious child characterized as quiet, observing, resourceful, naive, literal, and gullable.
2395 BRdefault (Age 8Klingon Slaves Raid U.S.S. Heartless and capture a number of female crew members, including Rahhmi. She is kept as a personal "pet" of the Raider Captain Kamlokk.
Pre-STO KDF Time Period & Field Medic Training. 
2396 BRdefault (Age 9The Klingons both loved, and hated her silence. Figuring her to be a mute, they enjoyed various amounts of mental or physical cruelty. An Orion teenager named India taught Rahhmi how to survive in this lifestyle, and trained her as a field medic.
2399 BRdefault (Age 12Rahhmi & India are Seperated. Hulkster Joins the crew of I.K.S. Rhade and develops a fondness for Rahhmi, often protecting her from other Klingons.
Rahhmi leaves

A Young Rahhmi begs the first officer on her ship to transport her through a wormhole to another dimension... and freedom.

2401 BRdefault (Age 14After discovering a Temporal Rift, The Klingons begin raiding the Past. Rahhmi appeals to recently-promoted First Officer Hulkster about beaming her to an old Federation ship. He agrees.
ST:Enterprise Mirror Timeline & Military Command Training. 
2155 BRdefault (Age 14After being beamed aboard the I.S.S. Defiant, A Confused security team is taken apart by Rahhmi when they try to apprehend her. Captain Travis Mayweather sees potential and allows her to remain onboard.
2156 BRdefault (Age 15As Defiant is instrumental in crushing the rebellion, Empress Sato orders a newfleet built using Defiant's Specs. Rahhmi is made a member of the security team on I.S.S. Gothic due to her melee ability.
2159 BRdefault (Age 18Leading a mutiny against Captain Hiro Norita and decapitating him in the process, Rahhmi takes command of the I.S.S. Gothic. She still appears visually as an early teenager, thus leading many a foe to under-estimate her. This quality also invokes a protective instinct in the crew leading to some of the best Morale the Mirror- Universe has ever seen.
2160 BRdefault (Age 19Commanded by Rahhmi, I.S.S. Gothic is part of an assault fleet Lead by I.S.S. Defiant and supported by Vulcan Bird-of-Prey vessels. They surprise a Romulan base repairing and refitting some fifty Romulan vessels. Because there were only skeleton crews aboard, most all of the ships are destroyed before firing a shot in defense. Eight Vulcan vessels are destroyed while delivering a deadly barrage of fire to the starbase causing it to explode. This delivers a crushing blow to the Romulan Star Alliance . Rahhmi is commended heavily for her victory.
90303-03 kid rahhmi

Rahhmi in her younger KDF Days

2161 BRdefault (Age 20After a rumor that the Tholians have an alternate "Future-Ship" like I.S.S. DefiantI.S.S. Gothic is sent to investigate with a small fleet. This turns out to be a trap. The I.S.S. Gothic is heavily damaged and the warp core going critical. Rahhmi decides to go down with her ship and sends the crew to escape pods as she takes Gothic for a kamikaze manouver on the lead Tholian ship. It opens a wormhole to another time. Noticing a sensor report offhand, she sends her transporter coordinates to a nearby ship on the other side. Although lifepods see both the Tholian ship and I.S.S. Gothic destroyed, thus leaving Rahhmi's status as Deceased.
TOS Universe & Human Society Rehabilitation. 
2268 BRdefault

(Age 20Badly injured, Rahhmi was beamed aboard the U.S.S. Yorktown. Unable to speak for days, the crew speculated as to her origins, and noted her strange clothing was something akin to starfleet of almost 100 years prior. Captain Joel Randolph debated heavily on whether to try and restore her to her own timeline (not realizing she was from the mirror universe) or let her live out her days. She remains silent while the Yorktown  s to meet the U.S.S. Enterprise to deliver perishable vaccines, however the Enterprise does not show up. Despite refusing to communicate, and not resisting movement around the ship, Rahhmi gives the crew a silent treatment for almost a month. A young Vulcan officer named Sunak is assigned to keep an eye on her.

After two weeks of Silence, he finally says "So you're Romulan." Her response..."I kill romulans. I've destroyed over 50 Romulan ships in the last year alone."

From this point, Rahhmi began speaking more and more frequently, learning that for the first time in 12 years she was on a ship that truly wasn't hostile. Although her Strategic value was almost completely useless, her skills as a combat medic were made use of. She was however cited on many occasions for returning to her mirror universe clothing. She stated that a part of her wished to return to her own time, though she was impressed at "how far humanity had come". It was during this time that she realized how out of time she was.

2269 BRdefault

(Age 21The U.S.S. Yorktown encountered an advanced ship from the year 2406 called the U.S.S. Equinox. By chance occurance, Rahhmi was on the bridge delivering a report to the Captain then he hailed this Future-ship. Jack Starchaser, captain of the U.S.S. Equinox stated that he was on a classified survey mission in Neutral space, and that he had no quarrel with the Yorktown or Starfleet.

90235-84 rahhmi dantastic tos room

Her Starchaser~II Quarters

Out of turn, Rahhmi blurted out "Dad..!?" and stepped in front of Captain Randolph

The three met in the conference room soon after and discussed a great many things. Jack  as initially unsure that this was really his grown up daughter, and all were shocked that they would cross paths in such an odd location, if at all.

This incident is not mentioned in the Yorktown's logs, and she's also barely mentioned...however it was decided that she would return with her father, Jack Starchaser (then Capt.).

Later in life, she patterned her Personal Quarters on U.S.S. Starchaser after design styles of this period. She mentioned it being one of the most relaxing periods of her life.

STO-Universe Return & Academy Days. 
2404 BRdefault

(Age 21Used to a "Starfleet Life" She enlisted in the academy to find some direction. At this point she is... still somewhat edgy. Quiet, Distant from people. Somewhat calculating and manipulative.... But definitely not part of the crowd.

Rahhmi Starchaser Cutout

...And then Dantastic notices her.

.....Dantastic was there too, in the academy, for reasons all his own. He walked to the beat of his own drum. He tried getting her attention and Flirting but she'd have nothing to do with any of that and was sure his intentions were terrible (Klingon experiences and a bit of PTSD about Men ;D) but.. watched him. She refused Dates with him, until Finally yelling at him in a crowd of people and telling him he'd have to win the Kobyashi maru before he'd even have a chance in hell! He was the third to do this very thing less than 15 minutes later.

It was always like living in another universe entirely with him always coming up with ways of either teasing her or inventing family or history out of thin air, but eventually she accepted that he was there and went with it.

2408 BRdefault (Age 25Upon graduation, Her first assignment was with Dantastic on U.S.S. Starsock . She was a meer tactical officer and fast-tracked to First officer because Ethan Richardson saw potential in her though she wonders if her strange luck was influenced by Lover who constantly proclaims himself a Q.
2409 BRdefault (Age 26Her Battle Strategy is quite useful as war breaks out with the Klingons.
2411 BRdefault (Age 28Despite serving greatly as Starsock First Officer, Rahhmi rather missed commanding the ship full-time. When she got word that a starfleet ship was being named after her father Jack, She knew it was meant for her.
U.S.S. Starchaser Captaincy, Starchaser~II, & Tribble Breeding Facility. 
2412 BRdefault
20130807 rahhmi fullbody
Ages 28~34After a few months of lobbying Starfleet that she was the best person for the assignment, not to mention several reccomendations from many different sources, Ethan invited her to his ready room. "I don't know how to say this, but you'll be leaving us..." he said as he popped open a bottle of Chateau Picard(A favorite of hers, Chateau Picard Blanc-a-blanc 2047 by her memory). has he poured them each a glass, he informed her that U.S.S. Starchaser would be her ship now.

Soon after, In an equally dramatic display on the planet Risa, she invited many of her favorite Starsock crew to serve on her new ship. Among other things, she successfully lobbied for the U.S.S. Starchaser~I to be deemed Starfleet's First Official Tribble Breeding Facility. The idea being to make use of Klingon's hatred toward tribbles... that they're less likely to board a ship infested with them.

Rahhmi outright rejected the many list of fresh crew members that Starfleet Academy threw at her, Most of them holding several accolaides. She made it a rule of hers that she would choose her own crew, one-by-one, based on their actions, not based on their ability to write things on paper. She scoured the galaxy with a skeleton crew, picking up strays from everywhere, including those not members of starfleet, for her life had taught her that all beings have options.

Shortly after the building of Starbase: Tribble (SD 90054.49), Rahhmi announced that it was her 111th Birthday (It wasn't, she was quoting J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Fellowship Of The Ring"and that she was abruptly resigning her Comission. Although this was news to anyone that knew her, the paperwork had apparently been put through. This ended her reign as Captain of the U.S.S. Starchaser.  For quite some time, the ship remained docked at Starbase: Tribble as everyone expected her to return. Eventually, some of the crew moved on to other ships though a good portion remained as temporary Starbase staff awaiting Rahhmi's return, even as Zuki was named the Starchaser.

It is known that she spent several years traveling time and space with Dantastic and intelligence suggests that she appeared at many different places throughout the galaxy simultaneously, but not much is known beyond this.

Omega Force Shadow Ops & Return To Starchaser~II.
2412 BRdefault (Age 34Before leaving Starchaser, Rahhmi and several other crew members had begun and/or completed Omega Force Training (Category:Starchaser Season 3 ). Some time after returning to U.S.S. StarchaserFranklin Drake of Section 31 ordered Captain Yoshizuki to casually Ignore Rahhmi beaming down solo to a nearby planet for purposes unknown. The only reason given was that she was a Shadow Agent for Omega Force.In a conversation between the two, Rahhmi revealed to Zuki that although she did indeed need a break from her role as Captain, she was made an unusually rare offer to become a Shadow Agent, and much of her time away involved the missions she performed with this. She also revealed that she was deliberately on Starchaser to continue this role, but that she was not able to say more, though she did reassure that it had absolutely nothing to do with the new Captain.

Initially, Captain Zuki needed some time to get used to Rahhmi's various quirky comments, and non-starfleet attitude. Eventually though, the two became close friends, and Rahhmi was thought to be a valuable, if not unorthodox asset. Rahhmi eventually transferred briefly to Starbase Tribble where Lego noted her acting strange before disappearing completely.

Timeshift, Non Existance, Past Conspiracies
2568 BRdefault

Rahhmi 2388

Rahhmi in 2388

Age 34As Lego notes Rahhmi "Acting Strange", a timeline Shift occurs. Following Kala as she aides an Alternate Tasha Yar in restoring our timeline, The Tholians take the Enterprise C and it's crew shortly after it's infamous meeting with the Enterprise D. This Time shifting caused by Tholian interference altered Enterprise C's firepower significantly as well as it's shielding causing it to get off one lucky shot which killed one of Rahhmi's ancestors, essentially removing her existance. 

She became aware of this initially while onboard a 26th century Timeship in the year 2568 where the captain refered to her as a Paradox and held her prisoner while he tried to clean the Tholian's Mess and restore our timeline. He succeeded, though his heavily damaged ship accidently returned her to the wrong time period.

2388 BRdefault
859652 461358170603434 893546770 o

Rahhmi & Dantastic Reunite

Age 34) After days of journeying and encountering mostly friendly species, Rahhmi Recognized a small Starfleet Outpost where she met a Lieutenant Engineer named Graham and his captain Mac. Assuming she was in the year 2413 again, she began conversation openly before realizing that she was in a year she SHOULD be 2 years old in. The crewmen of U.S.S. Shogun identified themselves as being of the fleet United Federation Starfleet

After an extended conversation where Graham assured her that the borg were utterly destroyed, she began noticing many descrepencies within their timeline and began to question if she's in the right dimension. After further conversation, including some with Graham's captain Mac, Rahhmi determined that the Undine had most likely infiltrated this group. She has since continued searching for information regarding battles with the borg, in case the technology can help when she returns to her own time.

She used their computers and a little custom code to send a delayed message to the staff of Starbase Tribble, moments later, as she was leaving the base, Zuki somehow managed to patch through to her arm computer. The crew of Starchaser recieved the message and were working on a way to get Rahhmi home. Rahhmi gave a detailed report on many of the events leading up to 2409, including paranoia regarding the borg and undine, a hostile species that never made it into the history logs and seemingly-obvious undine infiltration.

Zuki told Rahhmi to lay low so as not to attract trouble and to be careful about gathering intel on this threat known as The Void Callers to which Rahhmi replied... "I'm wearing a Mk. X Medic Kit, I have shadow Ops Training from a galaxy at war, The only problem in the galaxy is Hobus, and their strongest weapons are Mark IV.   ...I think I can handle it! =p".

As they closed the communications, Dantastic spoke up "Well now, Isn't THIS an interesting situation?". Like Rahhmi, he was dressed for the era in Civllian clothing, albeit much flashier than her's and he claimed it was their first meeting, at least in his realm of perception.

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