"lies! Deceit!! RUMORS!!!" - Rahhmi Starchaser 

Rahhmi Starchaser

Daughter of the famed Starfleet Captain Jack Starchaser, Rahhmi is the subject of much controversy and even more jokes.
Following the events of Temporal Ambassador, the Reality Starchaser follows was drastically altered and replaced with a whole new timeline. In the previous timeline, the entity known as Dantastic flagrantly showed off Q-like powers, making constant predictions and manipulating the world around him when he saw fit. As that timeline collapsed on itself, Dantastic realized and reacted in a microsecond, spiriting away some piece of Rahhmi's being into remaining parallel timelines that were not the subject of deletion.
In our new timeline, things went a little bit different for Rahhmi. Her parents met under different circumstances, and her father eventually defected to the Federation as a spy which has contributed to the discussion of genetics vs upbringing. His Militant attitude created a battlehardened warrior hiding behind a mask of quirky commentaries. She was a person on the verge of breaking, on the constant run from her personal demons and seeking any distraction possible. This caused her to achieve the rank of Captain earlier in life as her Father was more dependent upon her success and more than happy to pull in a favor.
In the newer timeline, Jack's ship was never raided by Klingons, Rahhmi's mother was never killed, and she grew up as the child of a nuclear family. With less to prove in life, she took her time ranking up, caring little about the constant climb and more about the inquisitive interest she held in the world around her. Armed with a snarky attitude and a broken translator, Rahhmi frequently makes outlandish statements that no one really understands as she wanders about the galaxy searching for something she can't explain.



  • Half Romulan on her Father's side
  • Half Human on her Mother's side.
  • Daughter of Jack & Anita.
  • Sister of Jacko & Travis.
  • Chief Tactical Officer on U.S.S. Starsock from 2406-2410.
  • Night-shift Captain (o3) on Starchaser from 2410-2416.
  • Currently unstationed, and in the Starfleet Reserves as an Omega Force Shadow Operative.
  • Retains the rank of Captain
  • An altered version of her entire family line was produced in response to the Temporal Ambassador Mission, leaving only Starchaser's crew aware of the change. The previous Rahhmi is assumed erased from existence.
  • Happens to be somewhat active in the political arena, gaining some notariety for speaking out against the Federation Propaganda Machine, known also to be a strong supporter of Donald Trump when he ran against Katherine Janeway.


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