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Category Trill
Gender Female
Affiliation Starfleet
Current Rank Commander
Gender Female
Highest Rank Commander
Weapon Synchronic Proton Distortion Prototype Assault Riffle
Damamge Type Antiproton/Chained Proton


Former Chief Science Officer on the U.S.S. Evolution, imported to Starchaser along with Zuki.

More Luxery, Less Responsiblity

One of Yoshizuki's "Original Three" that was selected to join alongside Sammy and Thrysis to assist Zuki once she gained command of the U.S.S. Libra. An elegant woman, she often had a glow of style and class during off-duty, and often butted heads with Thrysis, who was the polar opposite.

Obemi's backround consisted of luxery and materialism, as her family were one of the wealthiest on Trill. Whatever she wanted, she bought it, or "my precious daddy" bought it.....or "mommy, I'll love you forever if you buy this" bought it. All the guys wanted her, all the women wanted to be like her, or hated her equaly. Her spending habits were ludicrous, she would buy the entire store outlet and use that as her personal closet. Hell, Obemi would often bribe the poor seller (who was usualy a guy) wth a date just to get an item which was not for sale, get the item, and stab the poor boy in the back by rejecting them.

Unfortunetly, she was very discriminative towards the poor and the less fortunate of Trill society. One citizen recalled that one homeless woman who was collecting metals off the street to recycle, bumped into Obemi. Naturally, the woman appologized, but the more sucessful rich person didn't see that. She assaulted the poor woman, kicked her to the ground, spat on her, insulted her, and humilated her by pouring her drink on her and telling her to "try to make that juice last for the rest of the week." No charges were pressed, some saying that Obemi paying off the authorities, to not spend any jail time.

When she was old enough, Obemi's parents signed her only child to Earth to join Starfleet. They had enough of the spending habits, the parties every night, and the smug attitude towards the venders and the homeless. She cried all the way to San Francisco, thinking that she was going to be all alone, with no one to serve her fancy feasts or to follow her orders on every whim.

"I will Buy My Way Out Of Here!"

Even though Obemi slowly gained interest in science and logistics, she hated every moment of it staying at Earth. She didn't like the idea of everyone here weren't her followers, or being the most popular. She constantly bribed various pilots, Starfleet captains, and even Boothby to help her escape Starfleet Academy. The head instructor would often remind Obemi that money doesn't buy everything, and should would have to learn how to let go her materialistic ways, something that left a bad taste in her mouth.

When she first met Thrysis at ground combat training class, they were teamed up together for an exercise. Because of the Andorian's wild tomboy nature, she left Obemi behind, leaving the poor Trill lost in the training forest. When she finally found her way out (late in the evening), she confronted Thrysis in the cafetria, covered in mud. Naturally, a fight ensued; since then, they were never teamed up again.

After graduation, she became an lab assistant at Earth Spacedock. Not long after, Yoshizuki approached Obemi, offering a position in her bridge crew on board the U.S.S. Libra. Naturally, she expressed graditude towards the newly-promoted captain, hiding her intent of abandoning the ship once the Libra was close to Trill at the first notice. But then Zuki pulled her records from Starfleet Academy, and saw how really the Trill acted. Of course she bribed the purple-haired woman to overlook that, but Nikiyou wasn't going to put up with it. So she offered an ultimatum to Obemi: Stay and serve as the Chief Science Officer, or spend the rest of her Starfleet career as "Boothby's replacement." The rest is history...


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