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Full Name Lisa
Category Alien
Gender Female
Displaced Age "Younger than Maria, Older than Cam"
Languages Galactic Basic
Affiliation Starfleet, Enlisted
Station U.S.S. Starchaser
Role Intelligence
Gender Female
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Skills Ludicrous Inherent Stealth
Friends Dantastic, Silver, Cam



Lisa's Species is is interesting in that it doesn't think by normal means. As a result, Telepaths are generally convinced that she doesn't "think" at all, and they have a natural stealth ability.
During a conversation between Silver, Dantastic , Rahhmi, and lisa, Silver actually pointed out her presence to which even the Q himself was not fully aware though he admits to having heard references. From this point on however, he made it a point to look for her presence.
She can even hold entire conversations with most and have them not really think anything of it, though she isn't known to be bothered by this quality.
Whenever a new recruit comes onboard, Lisa is there keeping an eye on them. For the entire time that Fen (who took on the title intelligence officer) and his romulan party, or any other potentially hostile alien was aboard, Lisa was there. Keeping an eye on them as they were completely unaware of her presence. Every so often she'll even show up next to the Captain herself when Rahhmi is convinced she's alone to offer a hug and perhaps an ear. It's caused the two of them to enjoy a rather strong friendship.
As a result of understanding Lisa, Rahhmi appointed her Intelligence officer onboard Starchaser shortly ater Silver was recruited though based on given information it's likely that Lisa has been on the ship since it's leaving spacedock. Lisa keeps the captain up-to-date on various things going about the ship, and shares only pertanent informating, avoiding giving out any uniportant personal secrets. It's also worth noting that Lisa has a mildly devious streak and may possibly use her stealth to spy on people for personal amusement.
She is most often found sitting in the jeffreys tubes, sometimes chatting to Ethan who adores spending time with her, or perhaps "schemeing" as they call it with Cam and Eyeball Plant in Hydroponics. It was later revealed that Lisa had been present for most of Cam & Maria 's lives growing up, only disappearing at certain instances. Neither of them seem bothered by this, and often refer to her as their cousin.


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