Cutout Karista

The Ship's Resident Guinan

Karista is a risian. A Human, but Born on Risa. She handles a LOT of the pleasure aspects of the ship from Risque holosuite programs to getting you drunk and telling you how to solve your problems.

The REAL Intelligence of the ship, She seems to work hand-in-hand with Lisa learning everyone's dirty little secrets. It's also noteable that she does a spot-on vocal impression of Rahhmi which even fools the ship's computer.




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Full Name Karista Oakley
Species Risian
Gender Female
Affiliation Civillian
Station U.S.S. Starchaser
Role Barista
Gender Female


She came onboard Starchaser to spend more time with her "sister" Mitzie, but she Didn't anticipate finding a rather excellent home for herself. Though everyone considers her a very dear friend and certainly knows her presence, No one seems to really have any SPECIFIC Details about her... For example you. You're at the end of a third paragraph and probably don't know if she uses any names beyond Karista!

Maletic Connection

Of all the known Maletic Family, Karista is probably the most confusing.

She was only recently revealed as being Dantastic's daughter After Lemec told him "I wish that Bartender was mating age."

Ethan shrugged off the reaction by saying "Yep. she's my little sister"

Nancy also commented that Karista hanging around her and her mother in the kitchen lead to her interest in being a bartender. 

But wait, who IS her mother?

Dantastic informed Rahhmi that it wasn't her, and that he technically isn't her father..... Yet.

Not long after, Zuki asked how Rahhmi felt on the matter. She said "Dannotastic gave me some info's on the matter and I'm happy with it! Besides, Karista's so much fun regardless XD"

...So there Karista stays, in Starchaser's answer to TEN FORWARD, playing the "ship's resident Guinan".

She frequently opens with "It's my job to get your drunk and solve your problems, so what will you have?"



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