Roleplayed by: Tracy
Full Name Kah'tar, son of Kor Kaas
Statistics 6'6" / 247.2 pounds
Category Klingon
Species Klingon
Birthplace Qo'noS
Gender Male
Human Bio-Age 65
Birthday April, 13th
Languages Federation Basic, Klingon
Affiliation Starfleet, Klingon Empire
Station USS Aleksey Krupnyk
Former Stations USS Omicron
Current Rank Commander
Gender Male
Damamge Type Physical
Accolades Gold Excellence in Training Ribbon, Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon, Captain's Commendation, Purple Heart, Borg Threat Service Medal, Distinguished Service Ribbon, Extended Service Ribbon, Gold Lifesaving Ribbon, Medical Science Ribbon
Marital Single
Romance None
Children None
Siblings Jan K'Tala Darkrider (Adopted), k'taH, Jennifer j'taH Firali (Adopted), 7 of 77 (Adopted)


Picking an unusual profession for a Klingon Kah'tar is a dedicated member of USS Aleksey Krupnyk. Familiarly nicknamed "Commander Punchy" by Jan Darkrider and 7 of 77 for his habit of quarreling with these two, ending up in a punch-out quite often.


  • Full Name: Kah'tar, Son of Kaas
  • Race: Klingon
  • Date of Birth: April, 13th
  • Place of Birth: Qo'noS
  • Age: 65
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 6'6"
  • Weight: 247.2 pounds


  • Hair Color: Black
  • Length of Hair: Long
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Skin Tone: Tanned
  • Birthmarks, Scars: None
  • Tattoos, Piercings & Body Modifications: Borg Implants
    • After being caught in a trap set by Tal Shiar, Kah'tar is dependant on all of his Borg implants, after Jan Darkrider had to inject him with Borg Nanoprobes, to save his life.
    • His implants provide augumentation to both his mental and physical capabilities.
    • Has Eidetic Memory.
    • Due to his Borg Nanoprobes in his bloodstream, his aging-process is close to being halted, appears to be in his 20's.
      • Requires Borg regeneration.
  • Build: Muscular, butch.
  • Composure: Confident
  • Poses: Meticulous and a bit gruff
  • Taste in Clothing (when off duty): Klingon armor of any kind.
  • Shoes: Starfleet standard issue.
  • Voice: Gruff, encouraging, deep.
  • Handedness: Right

Personal Profile

  • Quarters: Features many Klingon weapons and regalia. Ordered neatly.
  • Favorite Room: Holodeck
  • Religion/Spiritual Devotion: Warrior. His own way. (See below)
  • Hobbies and Pastimes: Fighting and drinking
  • Likes:
    • Honorable people
    • Martial-Arts
    • Combat Situations
    • Alcoholic beverages
    • Caffeinated beverages
    • Honesty
  • Dislikes:
    • Lazy people
    • Beating around the bush
    • Dishonor
    • Dishonesty
    • Tal Shiar
  • Ambitions and Goals:
  • Achievements in Life:
  • Disappointments in Life:
  • Notable personality characteristics and quirks:
    • Efficient
    • Stubborn
    • Strong-willed
    • Proud
    • Strongly loyal
    • Dedicated
    • Compassionate
    • Very jovial

Family and Relationships

  • Biological Parents & family:
    • Mother: K'Tara of House of Kaas - Mistress of House of Kaas.
    • Father: Kor Kaas - Head of House of Kaas
    • Siblings:
      • Jennifer j'taH Firali, Sister, Adopted
      • Jan Darkrider, Sister, Adopted - They share a special bond, especially since Jan has saved his life. Kah'tar believes she is way too reckless to herself.
      • 7 of 77, B'Elura, Sister, Adopted - Thinks of her as 'that mischievous little sister'. He knows if Jan Darkrider is up to something crazy, Seven is surely to join in with her.
      • K'taH - Sister
  • Spouse: None
  • Children: None
  • Other Notable Relationships:
  • Others:

Early Life

Born to Kor Kaas and K'Tara of House Kaas on Qo'noS, Kah'tar was slightly different from his sister, k'taH, showing much more calm and collected nature, that being influence from his father, who served in Starfleet, as one of few Klingons by that time. That has earned his family a disdain from other, more traditionalist Houses. Having accepted Jennifer j'taH Firali into the house escalated things for the House of Kaas even further, given she was not even a Klingon.

Kor Kaas didn't let that deter him in his service, and Kah'tar saw him as a great influence in his life, from early on. Kah'tar was inquisitive from his very early age, again, that was unusual for Klingon children of his age, keeping that until he came to age as well.

Interestingly enough, Kah'tar served in Klingon Defence Force before applying for the Starfleet Academy, at unusually later age.

Academy Life

It didn't come out as a surprise to anyone from his family, that he would follow up footsteps of his father eventually, and he enrolled to the Starfleet Academy, albeit at later age than usually, serving in Klingon Defence Force prior that; as Kah'tar tried to find his own way around - picking up unusual field-of-study, when he went for Starfleet Medical Academy; that earning him several raised eyebrows, from his family and his instructors alike. While Kah'tar strongly appreciates his heritage as a Klingon and Warrior due to his prior service in Klingon Defence Force, he also grew to dislike the stereotypes being thrown at his species; being often believed that all they are capable of, was violence.

During his first year at the Academy, many of Cadets at the Starfleet Medical Academy didn't even take him any seriously, being picked on, even. Kah'tar has encountered similar, somewhat prejudiced attitude from few of his instructors as well - but the more he was mocked, the more determined he was to prove, that he had, what it took, to graduate and become a good Doctor.

It was only in the mid-way through his second year, when Kah'tar was finally taken seriously by his fellow medical-students, not being given unflattering nicknames such as 'Klingon primitive' anymore.

Kah'tar managed to overcome expectations of fellow Cadets and Instructors alike, his time at the Academy paving his way, to follow his own way, rather than fill-in expectations of others, as to what a 'Klingon can or cannot do'. He has become dedicated, stubborn even, to his work since then, following his calling and understanding the importance of being true to one's self.


Kah'tar was assigned to USS Artemis in September of 2381, as part of the Medical Staff, this being his first Starfleet assignment. Throughout his early career his aptitude for medical-field has raised several eyebrows yet again, but this time, it was more akin the curiosity, than doubt. Although the Klingon Doctor did face several somewhat grotesque reactions from his patients, they soon learnt that Kah'tar is not one to be deterred by stereotypes or prejudices.

Kah'tar served on several ships, eventually, even having a stint in Starlfeet Medical on Earth, after destruction of USS Serenity, when he experienced first-hand what it means, when one loses their Captain, friends and crew. While that has been difficult for him, he thrived at Starfleet Medical; impressing everyone with his devotion to his work. Kah'tar grew to be stubborn and dedicated, and no medical problem ever deterred him, always fighting as long as he could - that being part of his 'warrior way'. Kah'tar firmly believed that not every battle is fought on the battlefield - instead, every profession faces battles, and it's the dedication and will to perform at one's best, what defines a warrior for him.

Service on board of Krupnyk

He was assigned to USS Aleksey Krupnyk in January of 2409, on request of his sister, j'taH, knowing that her stubborn and quirky brother would make a nice addition to the complement of the ship at that time. He has since developped strong bonds with the members of the crew; finding great-deal of challenge and fun with certain stubborn members of the crew.

Encounter with Tal Shiar

February, 2409, barely a month after being assigned to the USS Aleksey Krupnyk, Kah'tar is sent to accompany Jan Darkrider on supposedly rescue mission, after Krupnyk detected signs of Borg activity in the area. Unfortunate series of events follow up, as both of them are captured by the rogue elements of Tal Shiar, with only one intent - to capture Darkrider, because of the fact that her body contains a lot of Borg technology - something Tal Shiar wanted to get their hands on. As such, Kah'tar, a Klingon, was useless for them, and they wanted to dispose of him.

Eventually, Darkrider managed to release herself, and she was set on locating Kah'tar, fighting strong emotions at that time already, feeling akin a failure, if she'd watch Kah'tar to die, on a very first mission together, nonetheless. Upon finding Kah'tar, she quickly assessed his condition - he was close to death, even missed his right eye, as the Tal Shiar tortured him, before just disposing him, for him to die. She realized he needed medical attention, and sooner, rather than later. Activating her backup Borg Neural transceiver, as a desperate-meaning to send a distress signal as quick as possible, she hoped the Krupnyk would get there in time.

Her distress-signal was picked up by the Borg Collective, that complicating matters considerably. Knowing that Kah'tar's vital organs were beginning to fail, Darkrider took a desperate measure to preserve his life - injecting him with her Borg Nanoprobes, programming them to assimilate him; as she knew that would set immediate repairs in motion, while replacing some of his lost organs as well.

The Krupnyk arrived quicker than the Borg Cube dispatched to their location - beaming the two of them up in a nick of time, and taking a retreat. Not having time to deal with the threat, the entire Tal Shiar base ended up being assimilated into the Borg Collective. It was thanks to 3 of 6's ingenuity, that Kah'tar not only has survived, but was enhanced by prototype implants designed by him, effectively replacing his lost limbs, thus finishing the 'assimilation', with no involvement of the Borg Collective at that time.

Kah'tar has since then developped even stronger understanding for the Liberated Borg like Jan and those others serving on board of Krupnyk, sworn and honor-bound to serve their best interest since then, even more stubbornly than ever.

Quick Timeline Summary

  • 2345 - Born
  • 2363 - Enlists in Klingon Defence Force
  • 2373, August - 2381, May - Starfleet Medical Academy
  • 2381, September - Assigned to USS Artemis as Lieutenant JG
  • 2386 - Promoted to Lieutenant
  • 2391 - Assigned to USS Omicron, part of Medical staff
  • 2395 - Assigned to USS Serenity
  • 2401 - Assigned to Starfleet Medical, Earth
  • 2405 - Assigned to USS Lim Yo-Hwan, Promoted to Commander
  • 2409, January - Assigned to USS Aleksey Krupnyk
  • 2409, 5th February - is injected with Borg Nanoprobes by Jan Darkrider, in order to preserve his life, after the Tal Shiar manage to nearly kill him.



  • TBA


Agents Of Yesterday

JJ Abrahms has invaded Star Trek Online. . . . . ....but it's Donny Versiga's version of JJ Abrahms, and it's also the Gatt0718, So it's really not that scary. We've also had an influx of TOS Content... so beware. Things will happen, Things will change, and even ~I~ Have to comment that this is a pretty great expansion! That is all.

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The Enterprise has warped in...

It's late, but it's arrived on the wiki. The U.S.S. Enterprise, Voyager, and even Defiant. All have shown up and their crews are slowly being added! Anyone wanna make this a community project? No? k. hm...

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Jan Darkrider

One of the more recent ships, and even Characters to be promoted on our wikia site is Jan Darkrider. You might have heard of this StarTrekOnline Community Moderator, or even seen her personal/private Twitter commentaries on fashion-freedom in the 25th Century, but now you can read one of the more in-depth publishings on a liberated borg ever created. The pictures alone depict a true character evolution!

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2016 And Beyond

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Within Star Trek Online is the fleet U.S.S. Starchaser. Here you will find fleet information, all important information regarding the fleet including Chat Channel over Fleet Chat, Advancement, Roleplayer Bios, Costume Info, and Fleet History.. not to mention some cool pictures! In this fleet, YOU choose YOUR Level of Involvement! So Have Fun, And enjoy!

Click the icon above to begin!

U.S.S. Starchaser Crew Roster (edit)


TAC Yoshizuki Captain
ENG Maria First Officer / Logistics / Omega Force: Veteran
TAC Rahhmi Second Officer, Omega Force: Shadow Ops
SCI Jacko Navigator / Operations
ENG Travis Flight Controller / Pilot
TAC Anneloo Communications
TAC Diebold Security Chief
TAC Hulkster Bridge Security Officer
TAC Sabah Chief Tactical / Mission Ops Tactical
TAC Kala Marine Ops
TAC Lemec Armory
ENG Ket'laouren Transporter Chief

SCI Obemi Chief Science Officer
SCI Dima Stellarcartography
SCI Camplicated Hydroponics
SCI Bart Energy Shielding Technician
SCI Faloh Biochemist
SCI Chimera Gravimetrics
SCI Crenia Astrometrics
SCI Parkour Developmental Lab
SCI Pekglem Robotics Engineer
SCI Zenobia Geologist

Medical Staff
MED Chibimai Chief Medical Officer
MED Photonic Brot Counsellor
MED Edgika Surgeon / Mortician
MED Selena Nurse
MED India Combat Medic
STO Mitzie Counsellor
STO Risri Teacher
MED EMH Mk 1 Doctor / Medic

ENG Nox Chief Engineer
ENG Inada Warp Core Specialist
ENG Dahlian Quantum Waveform Engineer
ENG Retrina Damage Control / Hazard Team
ENG Oareea Tractor Beam Officer
ENG Pekglem Robotics Engineer
ENG Bloo Deflector Control
ENG Heather Habitat Controller

TAC Melanie Weapons Systems
TAC PTO Tactical Stations
ENG Lisa Intelligence
STO Al Iean Stowaway

Fighter Crew & Cargo Bay Staff
ENG Dice Cargo Bay Chief, Flight Chief
STO Rakk Cargo Bay
STO Ludo Cargo Bay
STO John Shepard Fighter Pilot

SCI Dantastic Holographics, Sous-Chef, Omega Force: Sci Ops
STO Nancy Chef
STO Karista Barista
STO Ethan Noah Tribble Picker Upper
ENG Goulasche Tac Mission Ops
ENG Cammy Slipstream Propulsion
MED Silver Chief Medical Officer
STO Mr. Brot Counsellor
STO Qel Assistant To Mr. Brot

All Department heads report to First Officer.

s1 s2 s3 s4 s5 s6

STO Fleet
Crew Roster

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Starsock logo3(edit)

SCI Dantastic Fearless Leader (Captain)

SCI Stock First Officer - Broker (Dilithium Market)


TAC Kressoan Tripwire (Chief Tactical Officer)
TAC Makeda Calder Security Chief
TAC Sortae Arms Dealer (Armory Chief)
TAC Bilsphemi Tactical Ops


SCI Paria Asiki Head Blueshirt (Chief Science Officer)
SCI Marsha Mapster (Astrometrics)
SCI Zrek Spacecase (Stellarcartography)


ENG Whatley Fix-It Guy (Systems Engineer)
MED Talea Chief Medical Officer
MED StrawBillie Lost In Space (Counsellor)
STO Nancy Chef
STO Karista Barista
STO EthanNoah Pending

● Reports to above
All Department heads report to First Officer.

U.S.S. Evolution Crew Roster (edit)

Evolution logo

TAC Thrysis Captain
TAC Akkopi First Officer
TAC Duriene Tactical Officer
TAC Nok Tactical Officer

ENG Sammy Chief Engineer
ENG T'Penne Operations
ENG Andree Engineer

SCI Meryll Chief Medical Officer
SCI Autumn Chief Science Officer
SCI Noel Science Officer
SCI Kada Science Officer
SCI Romeo Science Officer

TAC Yoshizuki Former Captain
TAC Obemi Former Chief Science Officer

● = Reports to above, All Department heads report to First Officer.

Data Pending

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Note: The Crews of the Retired U.S.S. Explorer) and later destroyed U.S.S. Apocalypse were absorbed into Starbase:Tribble as their primary personnel.

Deep Space Tribble (Starbase Page)

. SCI Admiral Maletic ~ CO, Starbase Commander
. TAC Ethan Richardson ~ O2, Fleet Commander
. TAC Jörg Hildegard ~ Starbase Chief Tactical Officer
. SCI Valance Chase ~ Head Of Security
. SCI Allison Trivelli ~ Starbase Diplomatic Liason
. SCI Carl Duncan ~ Starbase Mission Specialist
. SCI Martia Andretti ~ Starbase Chief Medical Officer


U.S.S. Enterprise Crew Roster (edit)


Tos James T. Kirk (Captain)
Tos Spock (First Officer / Chief Science Officer)
●●● Tos O718/Gatt5000 (Science Officer)
●● Tos Leonard "Bones" McCoy (Chief Medical Officer)
●● Tos Hikaru Sulu (Ops)
●● Tos Pavel Chekov (Conn)
●● Tos Nyota Uhura (Xenolinguistics)
●● Tos Montgomery Scott (Chief Engineer)
●●● Tos Keenser (Engineer)
●●● Tos Yeoman Janice Rand Yeoman / Communications
●● Tos G.P. "Cupcake" Hendroff (Chief of Security)

TNG JeanLucPicard (Captain)
TNG WilliamRiker (First Officer)
TNG Data (Second Officer/Ops, Chief Science Officer, Captain 2386-2409)
TNG Worf (Tactical/Chief Of Security)
TNG GeordiLaForge Chief Engineer)
TNG DeannaTroi (Counsellor)
TNG BeverlyCrusher (Chief Medical Officer)
TNG AlyssaOgawa (Head Nurse)
TNG KatherinePulaski (Doctor/Head Surgeon)
TNG TashaYar (Tactical/Chief Of Security)
TNG RoLaren (Conn)
TNG Mott (Barber)
TNG Guinan (Hostess, Ten-Forward lounge)
TNG Selar Field Medic)
TNG MilesOBrien (Transporter Chief)
TNG KeikoOBrien (Botanist)
TNG EMH (Medical Suppoert)
TNG ReginaldBarclay (Diagnostic Engineer)
TNG Taurik (Engineer)
TNG Mendon (Science Officer)
TNG Hawk (Conn Officer)
TNG Jorn (Security Officer)
TNG Mendon (Science Officer)
TNG AkiraSulu (Science Officer)
Referenced individuals
TNG Lore Android, and Brother to Data)
TNG NoonianSoong Creator of Data, Lore, and B-4))

● indicates fan-based character or massive deviation from ST/STO Canon

STO Va'Kel Shon (Captain)
STO Samuel Winters (First Officer)
●● STO Savel (Chief Medical Officer)
●● STO Tem Inasi (Chief Medical Officer)
●● STO Jirelle Kav (Chief of Operations)
●● STO Kyona (Chief Of Security / Tactical Officer)
●● STO Kirayoshi O'Brien (Chief Engineer)
●● STO Phillipa Matthias (Counsellor)

All Department heads report to First Officer.


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U.S.S. Voyager Crew Roster (edit)


VOY Katherine Janeway (Captain)
VOY Chakotay (First Officer)
●● VOY Tuvok (Tactical/Security Chief)
●● VOY Thomas Eugene Paris (Helm)
●● VOY B'Elanna Torres (Chief Engineer)
●● VOY Harry S.L. Kim (Chief Operations Officer)
●● VOY Emergency Medical Hologram (Chief Medical Officer)

VOY Tuvok (Captain)

All Department heads report to First Officer.


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U.S.S. Defiant Crew Roster (edit)


VOY James Kurland (Captain 2403- )

VOY Benjamin Lafayette Sisko (Captain 2371-2375)
VOY Kira Nerys (First Officer 2371-2375)

All Department heads report to First Officer.


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U.S.S. Aleksey Krupnyk Crew Roster (edit)


. TAC Jan Darkrider (1 of 6), Captain
. TAC K'morg, son of Ki'vi, First Officer
. TAC Melinda Addison (7 of 77), Junior Bridge Officer
. ENG Renee Flinn (2 of 6), Chief Engineer
. MED Ryan Beckett (3 of 6), Chief Medical Officer
. MED Martin K'Vel Aybior (4 of 6), Senior Medical Officer
. MED Kah'tar, son of Kor Kaas, Senior Medical Officer
. SCI 5 of 6, Chief Science Officer
. CBborg Zhao '5 of 7' Li Borg Cooperative Liason

. TAC Jennifer j'taH Firali, Former Captain

● = Reports to above, All Department heads report to First Officer.

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U.S.S. Arrogance Crew Roster (edit)

100px-arrogance logo

TAC CaptainErrant Captain
ENG Anthi First Officer
TAC Adria Chief Tactical
SCI Zenon Chief Science / Navigator
ENG Charles Chief Engineer
TAC Yedsee Operations / Communications
Note: Some contents removed, Contact Rahhmi for restore information.

TAC Gaia Mission Ops Tactical
TACDelio Security
TACEldac Armory
TACOmir'Clan Security Chief
MEDJodan Noro Counselor
TAC 9 of 16 Astrometrics Tecnichian
TAC Jalil Dragon Squadron Wing Cmdr.
TAC Mira Errant Wife of Captain Errant


● = Reports to above, All Department heads report to First Officer.


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U.S.S. Nova Scotia Crew Roster (edit)


TAC William Captain
TAC V'nia First Officer / Chief of Tactical
ENG Pscal Chief Engineer
ENG Pronslenbig Chief of Operations
ENG Geza Chief of Security
SCI Vlaen Chief Science Officer
SCI Alarima Chief Medical Officer / Counselor

TAC Tara Conn Officer
TAC Katrice Projectile Weapons Officer
TAC Tails Hangar Bay Operations Officer
ENG Elizabeth Shield Distribution Officer
ENG Nyanda Damage Control Specialist
ENG Elohdbwoh Warp Core Specialist
SCI Rarngan Developmental Lab Scientist
SCI Felicia Communications

● = Reports to above, All Department heads report to First Officer.

Data Pending

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Items / Icons
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. Player-Created Character
● STO/Canon Characters

UE Zephram Cochran Earth's Inventor Of Warp Drive


. SCI Cherry, Captain of U.S.S. Valentina NX-92113-C
. SCI T'Niva, Stellar Cartographer on U.S.S. Saxtorp
. SCI Lego U.S.S. Tyco Breha
. MED Skittles U.S.S. Jolly Rancher
. STO T'Pal Section 31
. SCI John Sheappard U.S.S. Clyde-A
. TAC Leeroy B. Jenkins U.S.S. Independence-F
. FEDcamplicated Goulasche U.S.S. Camplicated
SCI T'Nae Director of Starbase: 39-Sierra
. LCARS Stethay Utopia Planetia
. ENG Domat Captain, U.S.S. Catalina
MED Rassa Starfleet Nurse
TAC PSO Photonic Lifeform
Tos Lance Ogen Starbase 82 Commander (Former)
Tos Rebecca Simmons Starbase 82 Commander (Former)
Tos Joel Randolph 23rd Century Captain

Earth Spacedock (2409 | 2414)
STO Admiral Quinn Earth Spacedock
ENG Golos Vell Earth Spacedock

Starfleet Academy (Starfleet Academy Page)
VOY Boothby SFA Groundskeeper
STO Byron Morris SFA Instructor

Deep Space Nine (Starbase Page)
CBklingon Morn Trader / Bar Patron

Facility 4028 (Facility 4028)
STO William Smithers Prison Warden

U.S.S. Equinox (Ship Page)
. Heartless Jack StarchaserCaptain
. SCI Alleoura First Officer
. ENG Ealfleps Chief Engineer

U.S.S. Wehrmacht (Ship Page)
. TAC Captain Nikolaus Hildegard
. SCI First Officer Kah'Ri

Caitian Ship RAWR
. SCI Laiuhnao Captain
. SCI Katara First Officer
SCI Rassa Chief Medical Officer
. SCI Walleket Nurse

U.S.S. Green Destiny (Ship Page)
. SCI 8 of 18 Captain

Klingon Defense Force

CBklingon Kahless Cloned Emperor

I.K.S. Rhade (Ship Page)
. CBklingon kRan'DoK aRuunTin Captain
. ENG Beefcake First Mate
CBborg Armek CGE Boss
CBborg Manus IGE Boss

Romulan Factions

Imperial Romulan Star Empire (Organization Page)
Tal Shiar (Organization Page)
CBtalshiar Hakeev Colonel, Intelligence
Romulan Republic (Organization Page)


. DevilIcon Satan, Mining Foreman


Vershiz Navire Bioship (Ship Page)
. ENG Valerius Captain

Q Continuum

CBq Q Omnipotent Being(s)

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