Roleplayed by: Alesiam1
Full Name Jodan Noro
Statistics 5'10" / 130lbs
Category Humans
Species Trill
Birthplace Trill
Gender Female
Displaced Age Typical of a Joined Trill Female
Birthday Stardate 88187.24 (2411)
Languages Galactic Basic
Affiliation SSOG, Trill
Station U.S.S. Perfect Timing
Role Counselor
Former Stations U.S.S. Arrogance
Current Rank Rear Admiral
Gender Female
Highest Rank Rear Admiral
Weapon Phaser
Damamge Type Phaser
Skills Counselor


Jodan Noro

Noted for her unique telepathic abilities, Jodan Noro was recruited to Starfleet as a Counselor. Serving as Commands Special Counselor she has been involved in many Operations throughout the Alpha and Gamma Quadrants. Her unique abilities and linguistics skills are one of many assets that make up this very different Joined Trill. She has a very quiet nature about her, though she claims it is her ability to read more of people’s thoughts than what is required to be said; she may often be found listening to conversations rather than speaking in them. She has shown an aptitude for Command and takes great pride in her responsibilities, without a doubt a loyal Starfleet Officer whose has proven time and time again her abilities to uphold the mandates of the Federation. This Officer has been privileged to confidential information and is a trusted attache to the Klingon Empire, due to former relations.

She is educated in the sciences, specifically Medicine; she has worked to achieve her doctorates in Psychology, Forensic Psychology and Neurology. Graduating with honors from the Academy and quickly earning a position on Earth Spacedock as Counsel to Admiral Quinn, working ten years for the Admiral before receiving assignment to Starbase Omega and SSOG.

Host Information

Host 1: Denara Noro

Denara Noro was most well known for her Artistic Skills, she was a Painter and Writer who worked in a Trill University educating the young minds in the Trill cultural arts, her outlook on life was very open and often thought off as outside of Trill beliefs. She was somewhat of a telepathic and always seemed to find the best in everyone. Though the Symbiosis Commission felt that her selection to be joined could have been a mistake, she lived a full life being a very caring host to her Symbiont.

Host 2: Jinil Noro

Jinil Noro was a well educated man; his studies included Cartography and Geology. He was an avid explorer who was often noted as saying; “Life was his greatest exploration.” However he lived a full life exploring the galaxy as a cartographer for whoever would take him on-board a Starship and leave him at the next planet. Though most Joined Trill do not seek love, he was known to have loved many women of many species. While following his studies on Trill, he noted that Denara Noro once told him; “If you find nothing else in life, find love.”

Host 3: Nayma Noro

Nayma Noro was last to have the Symbiont Noro, he was a simple man of simple pleasures. He sought out nothing but found a world. He was greatly connected to life, telepathic but un-intrusive. Though dying from a rare brain disease at the age of 50, he believed his years to have been far beyond his life. He often spoke of living his life through others experiences and after becoming joined, seemed to enjoy living his life with the previous host experiences and memories to be fascinating. The selection of Jodan was his final adventure and his life ended on Earth.


Forensic Psychology


Diplomatic Ambassador
Honorary Member of the House Kh'al

Alternate Assignments

Starbase Omega Counselor
Counsel to the Starfleet Ambassador of Qo'Nos

Character Note

This Character has moved to her own ship and story line, the ship and logs will be available in the very near future. At the present time she is in the year 2935 due to an anomaly that resulted in the loss of her previous ship the U.S.S. Peace Accord.

Crew Navigation

U.S.S. Arrogance Crew Roster (edit)

100px-arrogance logo

TAC CaptainErrant Captain
ENG Anthi First Officer
TAC Adria Chief Tactical
SCI Zenon Chief Science / Navigator
ENG Charles Chief Engineer
TAC Yedsee Operations / Communications
Note: Some contents removed, Contact Rahhmi for restore information.

TAC Gaia Mission Ops Tactical
TACDelio Security
TACEldac Armory
TACOmir'Clan Security Chief
MEDJodan Noro Counselor
TAC 9 of 16 Astrometrics Tecnichian
TAC Jalil Dragon Squadron Wing Cmdr.
TAC Mira Errant Wife of Captain Errant


● = Reports to above, All Department heads report to First Officer.


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U.S.S. Starchaser Crew Roster (edit)


TAC Yoshizuki Captain
ENG Maria First Officer / Logistics / Omega Force: Veteran
TAC Rahhmi Second Officer, Omega Force: Shadow Ops
SCI Jacko Navigator / Operations
ENG Travis Flight Controller / Pilot
TAC Anneloo Communications
TAC Diebold Security Chief
TAC Hulkster Bridge Security Officer
TAC Sabah Chief Tactical / Mission Ops Tactical
TAC Kala Marine Ops
TAC Lemec Armory
ENG Ket'laouren Transporter Chief

SCI Obemi Chief Science Officer
SCI Dima Stellarcartography
SCI Camplicated Hydroponics
SCI Bart Energy Shielding Technician
SCI Faloh Biochemist
SCI Chimera Gravimetrics
SCI Crenia Astrometrics
SCI Parkour Developmental Lab
SCI Pekglem Robotics Engineer
SCI Zenobia Geologist

Medical Staff
MED Chibimai Chief Medical Officer
MED Photonic Brot Counsellor
MED Edgika Surgeon / Mortician
MED Selena Nurse
MED India Combat Medic
STO Mitzie Counsellor
STO Risri Teacher
MED EMH Mk 1 Doctor / Medic

ENG Nox Chief Engineer
ENG Inada Warp Core Specialist
ENG Dahlian Quantum Waveform Engineer
ENG Retrina Damage Control / Hazard Team
ENG Oareea Tractor Beam Officer
ENG Pekglem Robotics Engineer
ENG Bloo Deflector Control
ENG Heather Habitat Controller

TAC Melanie Weapons Systems
TAC PTO Tactical Stations
ENG Lisa Intelligence
STO Al Iean Stowaway

Fighter Crew & Cargo Bay Staff
ENG Dice Cargo Bay Chief, Flight Chief
STO Rakk Cargo Bay
STO Ludo Cargo Bay
STO John Shepard Fighter Pilot

SCI Dantastic Holographics, Sous-Chef, Omega Force: Sci Ops
STO Nancy Chef
STO Karista Barista
STO Ethan Noah Tribble Picker Upper
ENG Goulasche Tac Mission Ops
ENG Cammy Slipstream Propulsion
MED Silver Chief Medical Officer
STO Mr. Brot Counsellor
STO Qel Assistant To Mr. Brot

All Department heads report to First Officer.

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STO Fleet
Crew Roster

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Starsock logo3(edit)

SCI Dantastic Fearless Leader (Captain)

SCI Stock First Officer - Broker (Dilithium Market)


TAC Kressoan Tripwire (Chief Tactical Officer)
TAC Makeda Calder Security Chief
TAC Sortae Arms Dealer (Armory Chief)
TAC Bilsphemi Tactical Ops


SCI Paria Asiki Head Blueshirt (Chief Science Officer)
SCI Marsha Mapster (Astrometrics)
SCI Zrek Spacecase (Stellarcartography)


ENG Whatley Fix-It Guy (Systems Engineer)
MED Talea Chief Medical Officer
MED StrawBillie Lost In Space (Counsellor)
STO Nancy Chef
STO Karista Barista
STO EthanNoah Pending

● Reports to above
All Department heads report to First Officer.

U.S.S. Evolution Crew Roster (edit)

Evolution logo

TAC Thrysis Captain
TAC Akkopi First Officer
TAC Duriene Tactical Officer
TAC Nok Tactical Officer

ENG Sammy Chief Engineer
ENG T'Penne Operations
ENG Andree Engineer

SCI Meryll Chief Medical Officer
SCI Autumn Chief Science Officer
SCI Noel Science Officer
SCI Kada Science Officer
SCI Romeo Science Officer

TAC Yoshizuki Former Captain
TAC Obemi Former Chief Science Officer

● = Reports to above, All Department heads report to First Officer.

Data Pending

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U.S.S. Nova Scotia Crew Roster (edit)


TAC William Captain
TAC V'nia First Officer / Chief of Tactical
ENG Pscal Chief Engineer
ENG Pronslenbig Chief of Operations
ENG Geza Chief of Security
SCI Vlaen Chief Science Officer
SCI Alarima Chief Medical Officer / Counselor

TAC Tara Conn Officer
TAC Katrice Projectile Weapons Officer
TAC Tails Hangar Bay Operations Officer
ENG Elizabeth Shield Distribution Officer
ENG Nyanda Damage Control Specialist
ENG Elohdbwoh Warp Core Specialist
SCI Rarngan Developmental Lab Scientist
SCI Felicia Communications

● = Reports to above, All Department heads report to First Officer.

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Starfleet Database ᶜʳᵉʷ ʳᵒˢᵗᵉʳ (edit)


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● = Reports to above, All Department heads report to First Officer.


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