90221-24 Goulasche

Roleplayed by: camplicated
Full Name Goulasche gun'betd
Statistics 5'5" / 153lbs
Category Alien
Species Ferengi
Gender Male
Languages Galactic Basic, Ferengi, Risian
Affiliation Starfleet, Enlisted
Station Camplicated
Role Captain
Former Stations U.S.S. Starchaser
Former Roles Tactical Mission Ops Officer
Current Rank Lieutenant
Gender Male
Highest Rank Lieutenant
Weapon Custom Jem Hadar Rifle
Damamge Type Polaron
Skills Tactical Planning, Strategy



Starchaser's Resident Ferengi. Raised as the personal pet of a Klingon captain, he later killed said Klingon and fled toward federation space to seek refuge.
Goulasche gained his name due to a seemingly constant threat that his Klingon captors were going to eat him, often claiming they would turn him into a dish quite similar to Earth's Goulasche.
Although he's a bit lacking in the humor department and has a ferocious aggressive Tendency, He's cool under fire and knows how to keep his mouth shut! thus making him an excellent recon tactical officer.
After Rahhmi Left and the starchaser was in limbo, Goulasche was approached with a command position. It's noteable that Starfleet had faith in him, but they required a secret group of Elite Ferengi for their Camplicated project.
as captain of Camplicated, He began leading black ops missions deep into Klingon space posing as a simple harmless neutral Ferengi trade ship. This initiative by the Federation breaks many rules, but has gained them an excellent intelligence asset.


  • Captain on the Federation Ferengi ship Camplicated
  • Former Tactical Mission Ops on U.S.S. Starchaser
  • Does not consider himself to be aligned with the Ferengi
  • Rejects the Rules of Acquisition, hates money
  • Prefers to use Bajoran tech guns and rifles in Combat

. Player-Created Character
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