"COOLANT LEAK! Bridge We've got a Coolant Leak I estimate 2 minutes until a WARP CORE BREACH... I can't shut her down!!!" - Geordi La Forge, More than once


Geordi La Forge

A man with.... Unique Vision, Geordi spent most of his life unable to see until he received his Visor, which allowed him to see an oddly high range of spectrum the average human is rarely aware of. Sight... seeing.. He's often known to hang back on the outskirts of a social event, keeping his calm and staying a bit quiet, and to some this is quite off-putting, however Geordi is literally just watching the room, the people, the feelings, the auras.
With some encouragement, he drops his social phobias and becomes a bit of a party animal with a variety of hidden talents. From dancing to singing to even a bit of piano playing, Geordi may have been meant to light up a crowd as an entertainer had he not been so drawn to Engineering.

Star Trek The Next Generation

Star Trek The Next Generation


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