So you wanna make a character...

Good news! You don't have to join the fleet , and you don't even have to be a Star Trek Online Player! we accept roleplayers, Secondlifers, Trek-lovers on Facebook.. Anyone! Even some who don't quite fit into the Trek Universe. In fact, put your Entire crew, your ship, even your starbase on here if you're inspired too!

Where to get started though is a bit Scary for some. Let's break it down. Worth noting though, a page on the "Starchaser Wikia" only means you exist within the universe, not that you're necessarily a part of it's crew!

  • Simple: Make a profile for your main character! But then what?
  • Your Bridge Officers [BOFFs] are allowed too! In fact, your Full Crew is!
  • Yes.. you could technically include Doffs.. uh?
  • Does your main character [or secondary characters] have rivals? Family?
  • Adding Multiple Characters will eventually get you a legacy on the CrewTabs page (just like Starchaser, Starsock, Evolution, Arrogance, Nova Scotia, etc.). We'll update this when you've got a bunch of characters going

From This point, you must choose a Page Type! We have two recommended designs right now... the BASIC, and EXTENDED profiles.

Basic Profile

Basic Profiles are frequently used on Canon Character or STO NPC character pages, but they can be applied to your character for ease of access. Sometimes, there simply isn't enough relevant information about a Boff you've added yet, or maybe you're just using this design to flesh out their story? Find Out More About Basic Profiles Here!


Extended Profile

Extended profiles offer tons of information on your character so that you can show a deep history. Find Out More About Extended Profiles here! Including a template you can Copy and Paste


Timeline Profile

Another profile type called "Timeline" is in development as an alternative to the EXTENDED PROFILE. It's meant especially for characters who've suffered massive "Time Displacement" due to Time Travel. This type is being made in conjunction with our Timeline page.

You can track development at Rahhmi's Profile or on the Timeline Reference Sheet .

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