Okay! You've looked over the site, you're ready to make a page, and you think you're good to go, huh?

You Aren't!

Find and Name Your Page!

The first step to making a profile is to figure out where to put your content, so open up a new tab and name your character. For the most part, We use a First and Last name with NO SPACES or special Characters. So "Jem'Hadar" would be shortened to "JemHadar", while "w'Orf Son-Of-Mogh" would simply become "WorfSonOfMogh". Reminder: On Wikia, Caps are important! TutorialChooseName

To create a new page, Simply add your name in the previously described format after /wiki/ in the url of a new tab.

For Tutorial purposes, We'll be giving examples for a fictional character called Captain Generic

Now CaptainGeneric wouldn't be /wiki/CaptainGeneric, He would be /wiki/BobGeneric. If for some reason there was More than ONE Bob Generic, The page would then become a Disambiguation page listing additional Bob Generics, but that doesn't happen very often around here so we don't have much issue with it.

Edit Your Content!

Now that you have your page, open up Captain Generic's Page in a new Window!


When Starting a new page or editing an old one, you might want to go to SOURCE vew (of the old template). you may have to login and click the dropdown arrow next to Create to do this. (see above for source view)

Once on Captain Generic's Page, Simply copy and paste the content from there to your new page! then edit information so it applies to you. Be sure to reference other wiki pages for content ideas, or ask for assistance.

Very soon this will be much easier, as a template is being considered for production.