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Full Name Ethan Martin Richardson
Statistics 6'1" / 199 lbs
Species Human
Gender Male
Human Bio-Age Mid 30's
Birthday March 28
Affiliation Starfleet
Station U.S.S. Starsock
Role Captain
Former Roles Tactical Officer
Current Rank Fearless Leader
Gender Male
Weapon Rifle
Damamge Type Phaser
Skills Sniper Training, Explosives, Marksmanship
Friends Stock


The Famous StarSock Captain who was forced into his role due to extreme circumstances is now a seasoned vet with a good grounding on life.


Captain Ethan. But not Ethan Noah ;D
Ethan Richardson rewrote the starfleet book on anti-hero. A Character in the Vein of Kirk, He frequently disregards orders and outright mocks starfleet protocol. Unfortunately for them, he passes every test with flying colors, is a super-genius, and has a flawless battle strategy.
He took control of the U.S.S. Starsock after the captain was killed during the Klingon Wars and failed to report on the ship's survival. They contrinued flighting in the local sector they were lost in until another Stafleet ship informed them Starfleet thinks they are K.I.A.
Returning to Spacedock, they relayed tales of their struggles and were decorated for their work for the Federation.


  • Captain of U.S.S. Starsock NX2047
  • This character and Dantastic are both based on the same person and share identical background stories, however the Q elements and family associations present in Dantastic are now ignored in Ethan's history. Essentially, they are the same character.

Crew Navigation

Starsock logo3(edit)

SCI Dantastic Fearless Leader (Captain)

SCI Stock First Officer - Broker (Dilithium Market)


TAC Kressoan Tripwire (Chief Tactical Officer)
TAC Makeda Calder Security Chief
TAC Sortae Arms Dealer (Armory Chief)
TAC Bilsphemi Tactical Ops


SCI Paria Asiki Head Blueshirt (Chief Science Officer)
SCI Marsha Mapster (Astrometrics)
SCI Zrek Spacecase (Stellarcartography)


ENG Whatley Fix-It Guy (Systems Engineer)
MED Talea Chief Medical Officer
MED StrawBillie Lost In Space (Counsellor)
STO Nancy Chef
STO Karista Barista
STO EthanNoah Pending

● Reports to above
All Department heads report to First Officer.


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