Roleplayed by: Ethan
Full Name Ethan Noah Maletic
Statistics 4'2" / 88lbs
Category Alien
Species Human, Q
Gender Male
Languages Galactic Basic, All
Affiliation Civillian
Station U.S.S. Starchaser
Role Tribble Picker Upper
Former Stations U.S.S. Starsock
Former Roles Nose Picker
Gender Male
Weapon TribbleGun, Dual Pistols
Damamge Type Tetryon
Skills Tribble Kicking, NeuralNET Games, Hiding, Running, Climbing, Rhyming
Accolades Crash Test Tribble, Torpedo Target
Parents Dantastic, Camilla
Friends Eyeball Plant, The Tribbles, s1m0ne


He's The Tribble Picker Upper yaknow.


Ethan is the quirky son of Commander Dantastic. Even when his father wasn't outwardly displaying Q-Ability, Ethan was frequently getting himself into and out of trouble in a way only a Q could. From site-to-site teleport around the ship to seemingly being in 2 places at once, disrupting sensors, disappearing off the ship completely and somehow figuring out everyone's access codes, Ethan really made use of his free time.
Now that he's on U.S.S. Starchaser , Captain Rahhmi has given him a special assignment: Tribble Picker-Upper.
Now, you'd think this was reverse psychology or some type of busy work, but it isn't! Ethan takes his job very very VERY seriously!
When the Impossiborg began to assimilate Starchaser, Ethan slipped away and began defending a group of tribbles from the borg takeover with only a sword. As the crew came upon him and found that he could totally hold his own better than most adults, he was suddenly allowed on away missions.
Although he doesn't have a specifically important job on the crew, he DOES look after the tribbles and spend some time playing videogames on the neuralnet. He follows his Dad and the crew all the time, but usually finds himself bored and waiting for them to finish doing grown-up stuff. There should be more kids on Starchaser he thinks... maybe he'll just teleport some there! Ha HA!


. Player-Created Character
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