Personal Log, LT. Daana Roon, aboard the U.S.S Starchaser, Stardate (Log Date removed)

The Starchaser has stopped for routine shore leave at Sierra-39 and that is where I have been ordered to join the crew of the Ship and this is me doing the usual testing of my new quarters computer system. Test. Test.

  • chuckles, steps on carpet can be heard, voice changes as obviously she walked away from the terminal* Gods, this ship 's huge. Much larger than anything I usually am piloting. I prefer fighters and shuttles. Something about just me and a bit of machinery out there feels more right to me than flying those fifty, hundred, two hundred souls around in Escorts. If I make a mistake, others pay the price. And now this...lumbering piece of flying brick. How many are aboard? A thousand?
  • sighs* I would think they would put me back in charge of a frigate, rather than a bigger ship after the last reprimand of getting the U.S.S Akula out of commission with my flying. Yes, it was a high risk maneuver and the damage was extensive, but we did take out that cruiser and it's escorts, with minimal damage to the rest of the fleet. Isn't that what the job of an Escort class is?

Does not matter. Perhaps they think the lack of impulse agility might tame my flying. *amused snort* Then again, I did spot fighters in the hangar as I arrived by shuttle. This ship is not outfitted to standard Federation or Starfleet doctrine.

  • longer pause* Captain Rahhmi Starchaser . Remind me to ask how she managed to have the ship named after her. I thought you have to be either famous and/or dead to get a ship named after you. Or is that one of her ancestors she now flies around in? *chuckles* We met before, briefly on some star base or the other a few weeks ago. Did not know she was a Captain then. She sure did not act like one. *laughs* A few drinks, a bit of laughter and banter shared. Surely she did not request me?

The rest of the crew is not quite as...vocal. Commander Dan... tastic - what a call sign - seems amiable enough. A bit absent minded sometimes. The Vulcan Science Officer...Sabah , I believe was his name, takes thing too literal, of course, as his species is wont to do. We shall see how well I fit in with the rest of them.

Daana out.

'Pilot's Log, USS Starchaser, 'Stardate SD89775.01 // ED 03/02/12, LT. Daana Roon

Well, so much for getting used to the ship and crew. I did not even get a chance to change into the odd uniform the Starchaser crew has been issued, that I was called to the ready room to prepare for an away mission. Come to think of it, I am pretty sure this log will become classified the moment I finish the recording.

So much for recording things for posteriority, my ass indeed. *chuckles*

Well, time was obviously of the essence. Smuggled onboard a freighter, infiltrating a Romulan Star base with a full fledged strike team, securing, scanning and destroying weapon prototypes and research... This was a covert operation all right. Resistance on the Station was stiff, but they were obviously not prepared for a surprise visit of a dozen Starfleet operatives that were armed to the teeth. *chuckles again*. I almost feel sorry for them, but it is obvious that the research being done was in preparation for war. Still, it is not usual Starfleet doctrine to commit preemptive strikes.

  • longer pause, chirping of a console, different voice in background* LT. Roon, you are requested to meet with Captain Starchaser in Hangar Bay 2.
  • sighs* Affirmative. Computer, stop log.

Pilot's Log, LT. Roon, SD89777.07 // ED03/3/12

Another soon to be classified log entry. Non standard Starfleet doctrine. I believe I can from now on just omit that comment and we shall assume it is standard for the USS Starchaser. Obviously, the multi front war has Starfleet wake up that Moral flexibility is needed, and the Starchaser is part of that.

Being pulled aside by the Captain , I was paired with one Maria Parker . Hells, I do not even know her rank, so hush hush and hurry hurry was it. Interesting woma...being, that one. A tad too literal. Could pass for a Vulcan, really. If not for the blue skin. Horrible pale shade of blue, though, not my saturated beauty. *laughs*

I like the green hair, though. But, infiltration mission. In a shuttle. I approve. Since I am sure Miss Parker 's report will include all perpetrating details, I shall only summarize: The Research complex dubbed "the Vault" is huge. Huge enough to house, power and hide a fully operational Borg sphere within itself. It seems the Remans currently operating the station were conducting research on the weapons and the odd energy source of the sphere. I was a bit busy with dodging phasers and torpedoes while Miss Parker did the technical details. I would have liked it better if we would had faced the escort and the fighters on a bit more even footing, but with only the under armed shuttle, we had to content ourselves with disabling a few while retreating. I do not doubt that the next missions will be along the line of further sabotage behind enemy lines. Do I approve? *pause, sigh* It is a slippery slope, naturally. As a doctrine it is wrong. But if opportunity to strike crippling blows to an force obviously fond of using dangerous technology for warfare opens, it would be foolish to point to doctrine and not take it. I get the impression the crew and officers of the Starchaser have...been picked for their ability to ...uh...transcend usual expectations of honor and duty and Starfleet ideals.

Lt. Roon, out.

Personal log, Daana Roon, SD 89779.01 / ED 03/04/12 . Addendum to previous mission log.

Maria Parker is indeed an interesting creature. While it seems she is not fond of banter or obvious jokes, she is apparently not a stranger to sarcasm. I am not sure she appreciated my...quirks she vowed to report in detail. *chuckles* I am not sure if she mentioned that to intimidate me or truly just meant this informative. Did I mention she sometimes seems rather Vulcan-like?

Her physical form...well, let's say it holds a few surprises. She also struck me as amoral in the original sense of the word. After all, suggesting that one might dissect her to find more about her species hints that she wouldn't think twice to do it to another living creature. Remind me to not get knocked out while she is near the medical equipment. I kind of like my body parts where they are currently.

She did take my more direct approaches to tactical maneuvers in stride, despite her wish to avoid engagements. I can appreciate staying out of my way once phaser bolts start to fly. In turn I will stay out of her way when it comes to the technical details of our missions and repairs. We both have our areas of expertise and she seemed able to respect that, which in turn makes me respect her.

Besides, I do not think I want to make Miss Maria Parker mad....*laughs*

Lt. Roon, out. Computer, encrypt the last file. Supplying encryption key now.