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The U.S.S. Starchaser NCC 870315 is a series of ships named in the honor of Jack Starchaser , for his exemplary service to Starfleet. So far, there are two ships that have held this name, both of which were at one time commanded by his daughter Rahhmi.



Ship Variants


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The First was an Assault Cruiser Beamboat which the crew made a number of modifications on, including implimenting Jem Hadar technology into it's main systems, and changing it into a Makeshift Carrier. It was destroyed in combat in 2411 though the entire crew survived as they had been transported across the galaxy.
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U.S.S. Starchaser II

Due to their ability to complete assignments and the excellent combat record of the first starchaser ship and it's crew, Starfleet produced a second ship that was more suited to their needs. This new ship had more manouverability, actual hangar bays for extended fighter support, and heavier weapons.
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Crew Roster


TAC Yoshizuki Captain
ENG Maria First Officer / Logistics / Omega Force: Veteran
TAC Rahhmi Second Officer, Omega Force: Shadow Ops
SCI Jacko Navigator / Operations
ENG Travis Flight Controller / Pilot
TAC Anneloo Communications
TAC Diebold Security Chief
TAC Hulkster Bridge Security Officer
TAC Sabah Chief Tactical / Mission Ops Tactical
TAC Kala Marine Ops
TAC Parker Warfare Specialist
TAC Lemec Armory
TAC Thaeus Warfare Specialist
ENG Ket'laouren Transporter Chief

SCI Obemi Chief Science Officer
SCI Dantastic Holographics, Sous-Chef, Omega Force: Sci Ops
SCI Dima Stellarcartography
SCI Camplicated Hydroponics
SCI Bart Energy Shielding Technician
SCI Faloh Biochemist
SCI Chimera Gravimetrics
SCI Crenia Astrometrics
SCI Parkour Developmental Lab
SCI Pekglem Robotics Engineer
SCI Zenobia Geologist

Medical Staff
MED Chibimai Chief Medical Officer
MED Photonic Brot Counsellor
MED Edgika Surgeon / Mortician
MED Selena Nurse
MED India Combat Medic
STO Mitzie Counsellor
STO Risri Teacher
MED EMH Mk 1 Doctor / Medic

ENG Nox Chief Engineer
ENG Inada Warp Core Specialist
ENG Dahlian Quantum Waveform Engineer
ENG Retrina Damage Control / Hazard Team
ENG Oareea Tractor Beam Officer
ENG Pekglem Robotics Engineer
ENG Bloo Deflector Control
ENG Heather Habitat Controller

TAC Vala Warfare Specialist (Section 31)
STO Nancy Chef
STO Karista Barista
STO Ethan Noah Tribble Picker Upper
TAC Melanie Weapons Systems
TAC PTO Tactical Stations
ENG Lisa Intelligence
STO Al Iean Stowaway

Fighter Crew & Cargo Bay Staff
ENG Dice Cargo Bay Chief, Flight Chief
STO Rakk Cargo Bay
STO Ludo Cargo Bay
STO John Shepard Fighter Pilot

ENG Goulasche Tac Mission Ops
ENG Cammy Slipstream Propulsion
MED Silver Chief Medical Officer
STO Mr. Brot Counsellor
STO Qel Assistant To Mr. Brot

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STO Fleet
Crew Roster

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Starsock logo3(edit)

TAC Ethan Richardson Fearless Leader (Captain)

SCI Stock First Officer - Broker (Dilithium Market)


TAC Kressoan Tripwire (Chief Tactical Officer)
TAC Makeda Security Chief
TAC Sortae Arms Dealer (Armory Chief)
TAC Bilsphemi Tactical Ops


SCI Paria Head Blueshirt (Chief Science Officer)
SCI Marsha Mapster (Astrometrics)
SCI Zrek Spacecase (Stellarcartography)


ENG Whatley Fix-It Guy (Systems Engineer)
MED Talea Chief Medical Officer
MED StrawBillie Lost In Space (Counsellor)

● Reports to above
All Department heads report to First Officer.

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U.S.S. Evolution Crew Roster (edit)

Evolution logo

TAC Thrysis Captain
TAC Akkopi First Officer
TAC Duriene Tactical Officer
TAC Nok Tactical Officer

ENG Sammy Chief Engineer
ENG T'Penne Operations
ENG Andree Engineer

SCI Meryll Chief Medical Officer
SCI Autumn Chief Science Officer
SCI Noel Science Officer
SCI Kada Science Officer
SCI Romeo Science Officer

TAC Yoshizuki Former Captain
TAC Obemi Former Chief Science Officer

● = Reports to above, All Department heads report to First Officer.

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U.S.S. Arrogance Crew Roster (edit)

100px-arrogance logo

TAC CaptainErrant Captain
ENG Anthi First Officer
TAC Adria Chief Tactical
SCI Zenon Chief Science / Navigator
ENG Charles Chief Engineer
TAC Yedsee Operations / Communications
Note: Some contents removed, Contact Rahhmi for restore information.

TAC Gaia Mission Ops Tactical
TACDelio Security
TACEldac Armory
TACOmir'Clan Security Chief
MEDJodan Noro Counselor
TAC 9 of 16 Astrometrics Tecnichian
TAC Jalil Dragon Squadron Wing Cmdr.
TAC Mira Errant Wife of Captain Errant


● = Reports to above, All Department heads report to First Officer.


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TAC William Captain
TAC V'nia First Officer / Chief of Tactical
ENG Pscal Chief Engineer
ENG Pronslenbig Chief of Operations
ENG Geza Chief of Security
SCI Vlaen Chief Science Officer
SCI Alarima Chief Medical Officer / Counselor

TAC Tara Conn Officer
TAC Katrice Projectile Weapons Officer
TAC Tails Hangar Bay Operations Officer
ENG Elizabeth Shield Distribution Officer
ENG Nyanda Damage Control Specialist
ENG Elohdbwoh Warp Core Specialist
SCI Rarngan Developmental Lab Scientist
SCI Felicia Communications

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EpSC s01 header

A New adventure begins as many Starsock Crew members take on their new assignments on U.S.S. Starchaser, An Assault cruiser, who's primary function is small craft neutralization. After An Admiral pulls some strings to get his daughter's put on Easy Street in Romulan territory, starts them running black ops against a reformed...

EpSC 01x01 ChasingStars

EpSC 01x02 MissionToRisa

EpSC 01x03 CarrotPatrols

EpSC 01x04 Housecall

EpSC 01x05 Sierra

EpSC 01x06 Incursion

EpSC 01x07 Vault

EpSC 01x08 FreeziePops

EpSC 01x09 CuttingCheese

EpSC 01x10 Romulation

The action gets a heavy upgrade as a Time-Travelling Starchaser is re-purposed into a carrier, Upgraded with Borg Technology, and reassigned to the Klingon Neutral Zone.

Recruit - Anneloo decides what to do with "Bad Stuff" while on her way to becoming the ship's new "Hoshi".

Awesometastic - 
Wolf 359
Freezie Pops
Home Sweet 2800
Facility 4028


Star Wreck
Til Death Do Us Part
The Romulan Incident
Qo'NoS Predator
Enda Ganalda

A whole NEW Starchaser is born as a legit Tactical Carrier! Stationed to the New Starbase Tribble, But a New Captain might take a little getting used to...


Carrier Out My Orders
Based On Klingons
Trading Post
Resistance Temptation
Reflection Refracted
Deep Space Tribble
90230-02 Starchaser Kills Klingons


The Future is NOW!
Silence Of The Brot
From Scratch
Friendly Rivalry
Calling Card
Let's Go Lego


After Yesterday's Enterprise, The Alternate Enterprise-D send Enterprise-C through the rift to die at the hands of Romulans. A More recent Tholian Interception of this event created Temporal Ambassador and as a result, the Enterprise-C was repaired more than it should have been. Fighting "just a Bit Longer", It managed to kill an ancestor of Rahhmi and Jack Starchaser, resulting in their never being born. Flash Forward to now, where the Starchaser crew becomes aware of this fact.

90261-27 rawr

A Variety of Time Discrepencies appear throughout the ship regarding the Maletic Family. Sometimes they exist completely, and other times they never did at all. The Crew nearly goes insane trying to deal with this as Dantastic realizes he must destroy his life to save theirs.

90261-27 rawr



90261-27 rawr

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90261-27 rawr

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90261-27 rawr

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Noteable Information

Starfleet's First Official Tribble Breeding Facility
An oddity about both Starchasers is that any ship scanning them will quickly notice an absurdly high tribble population. Inspired mainly by Captain Rahhmi's love of the creature, she and Commander Dantastic successfully lobbied starfleet to let them breed massive amounts of tribbles on the ship under the pretext that it would deter Klingon Boarding parties.
Galactic Reputation
Despite giving all species a rather equal response, the various entities that have encountered the Starchaser and it's crew have developed notably different reactions to them, usually ranging in the extremes of "love them or hate them". As word spread that starchaser had a new captain in Yoshizuki, the reputation progressively improved as she was known to better uphold Starfleet standards.

Faction Borg
The Borg See starchaser as anomaly that needs to be Assimilated
Faction Deferi
The Deferi awarded deferian titles to Rahhmi & Cam after their first meeting leaving them with a positive view, however this friendship ended after agreements to help build a Deferi Starbase fell apart.
Faction Romulan
The Romulans are spread into two groups, the first hates them for aiding Obisek while the resistance generally sees them as allies.
Faction Ferengi
The Ferengi find them to be quite shrewd, and not to be taken lightly in matters of business, however they always pay well so it's not an issue.
Faction Cardassian
The True Way have not made note of the U.S.S. Starchaser beyond the anomaly of it being a tribble breeding ship. This is dismissed for it's absurdity.
Faction Grey
The Greys Fully understand the Starchaser crew, and supports it's approach, perhaps because they have no choice.
Faction Klingon
The Klingons See Starchaser as an unrelenting enemy, and almost a proving ground for one-self. It is said that the Klingon Captain which defeats Starchaser will be honored greatly.
Faction Vulcan
The Vulcans find their antics quite trying, and generally avoid them where possible, as they can be quite the time consuming bunch.
Faction Reman
Remans Have little to say regarding Starchaser, though Obisek has commented that they're "reminiscent of children" in their motivations, but pure, and aggressive. An efficient ally.
Faction Devidian
The Devidians have noted Starchaser's crew as being "dangerous", however they've yet to apply a designation to single it out.
Faction Immortals
The immortals are not grouped together enough to form a generalized opinion. Rahhmi is the only one who could speak for them, and most do not understand her well enough to accept an opinion.
Faction Q
The Q Actively ignore the presence of Starchaser, and especially their commander Dantastic
Support Craft
The Starchaser ships are known for being carriers, even the Assault cruiser was re-fashioned to rely on support craft. The Starchaser~II however was specifically intended for this purpose, and is a loose variant of the Armitage Missle Carrier.

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