This is an excellent place for an introduction to the line of ships listed here. if you've simply added a number as you've moved up in the fields, then this is a good place to mention them all! Give them each a little bio and drop an image in!


U.S.S. Generic

The First ship of the line, Generic in all ways, even used Generic gear. Didn't live long though...

U.S.S. Generic II

The Second class attempted to redefine Generic on a larger scale, but found that it had expanded too far too fast! =/


You might wanna add a new logo. Save the Starchaser logo and make your own, or if you actually have enough added, we'll make one for you! Remember! NOTE THE SIZE, and also the name of the logo! Below is an excellent place for a gallery... You might even consider copying the template above or putting an image (like the logo) that depicts season content. Refer to the U.S.S. Starchaser for a fully formulated non-generic visual of this.

Crew Roster

  • Captain - Mr. Generic
  • First Officer - Mrs. Generic
  • Chief Engineer - Gunners Mate First Class Philip Generic
  • Tribble Kicker - Bobby Generic


  • This is not even a canon ship to our universe!
  • This is part of the Tutorials Series.

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