BumblebeelogoSeasons: s1

"Be Excellent to Each Other... and..! PARTY ON, DUDES!"


U.S.S. Tracer

U.S.S. Bumblebee

At Starbase Tribble's christening party , Rahhmi announces her retirement from Starfleet. The U.S.S. Starchaser remains docked there, Captainless with no one willing to take the position after her.

Most of the crew refuses to serve on the ship or transfer to another and remains on the starbase though after a while, many become somewhat stir-crazy. Among them is Mr. Brot, Who gains commission on the U.S.S. Tracer and invites them all to join him in spreading peace around the universe, "At least until Rahhmi comes back!"

Return From Deep Space

Though no one is quite sure what happened, the U.S.S. Bumblebee returned to starbase tribble under seemingly normal circumstances. As various Starbase personell reported the crew "acting strange", it was noticed that they were stealing resources from the Starbase's cargo bay.
After verifying that the ship was indeed the "Real-Deal", This matter is officially attributed to the Devidians. Although a few search parties have been sent out, the entire crew is thought to be deceased. U.S.S. Bumble Bee is currently docked near Starbase Tribble and awaiting a future crew.

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