Note: TNG is the television show, U.S.S. Enterprise is the Ship
Legacy,  U.S.S. Enterprise-D is a Specific Ship, and TNG Crew ​​​​​​is the fleet.



Part of the Star Trek Offline group's central Characters, the "TNG Crew" involves recreations and addendums based on the show Star Trek: The Next Generation, not to be confused with the TOS Crew. Some outfits are based on Cryptic-developed characters while others should be considered fanmade. 

A common question on this topic is "Why are they wearing Kits?". The answer to this actually comes based on two reasons... the first being that the technical limitations of the game don't offer an appropriate amount of variance or likeness to make the character stand out, and the second reason being that they follow their own "story" which deviates from known canon versions of the character stories.

The "TNG Episodes" exist within their universe as modified derivative and trunicated historical documents representing a generalized version of what happened rather than a completely accurate depiction of events. The motive behind presenting the official canon stories as alterations is the lack of physical realism and one-dimensionality, as well as often glaring errors of continuity. Presenting them as mostly "propaganda" from Starfleet allows a derivative work within the suspension of Disbelief.


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Star Trek The Next Generation

Star Trek The Next Generation

TNG JeanLucPicard (Captain)

TNG William Riker (First Officer)


TNG Data (Second Officer/Ops, Captain 2386-2409)
TNG Elizabeth Shelby (Second Officer)
TNG Worf (Tactical/Chief Of Security)
TNG Wesley Crusher (Civillian/Acting Ensign)

TNG Beverly Crusher (Chief Medical Officer)
TNG Alyssa Ogawa (Head Nurse)
TNG Emergency Hologram (Hologram)


TNG Geordi La Forge (Chief Engineer)
TNG Reginald Barclay (Diagnostic Engineer)
TNG Miles O'Brien (Transporter Chief)
TNG Taurik (Damage Control Engineer)

TNG Natasha Yar (Tactical/Chief Of Security)
TNGBlue Jorn (Security Officer)


TNG Deanna Troi (Counsellor)
TNGBlue Walker (Science Officer)
TNGBlue Zen (Aquatics)
TNGBlue Zork (Stellarcartography)

CBq Q (Instigator)
TNG Edward Jellico (Former Captain in 2369)
TNG Guinan (Hostess, Ten-Forward lounge)
TNG Lwaxana Troi (Heir to Betazed)
TNG Mot (Barber)
TNG Lore (Android, and Brother to Data)
TNG Sela (Daughter of Yar)
TNG Gowron (Holder of Picard's Grattitude)

TNG Fleet | Ship | Dir | List | WiP

STO Johnathan Archer (Captain)

Tucker | Malcolm | T'pol | Reed | Hoshi | Phlox | Daniels | Mayweather | Porthos

STE Fleet | Ship | Dir | List

TOS James T Kirk (Captain)

TOS Spock (First Officer / Chief Science Officer)

Yellow Shirts

TOS Hukaru Sulu (Flight Controller)
TOS Pavel Chekov (Ops)

TOS Christopher Pike (Former Captain)

Blue Shirts

TOS 0718 (Science Officer)
TOS Carol Marcus (Science Officer)
TOS Leonard McCoy (Chief Medical Officer)
TOS Christine Chapel (Nurse)

Red Shirts

TOS Montgomery Scotty (Chief Engineer)
TOS Nyota Uhura (Xenolinguistics)
TOS Janice Rand (Yeoman)
TOS Keenser (Engineer)
TOS Greg "Cupcake" Hendorff (Security Chief)

TOS Fleet | Ship | Dir | List

VOY Benjamin Sisko (Commander)

VOY Kira Nerys (First Officer)


VOY Worf (Chief Tactical Officer)


VOY Julian Bashir (Chief Medical Officer)


FEDcamplicated Quark (Entrepeneur)
FEDcamplicated Quark's Bar 
. CBklingon Morn (Trader / Bar Patron)

DS9 Fleet | Terok Nor / Deep Space Nine | USS Defiant | Dir | List

VOY Kathryn Janeway (Captain)

VOY Chakotay (First Officer)


VOY Tuvok (o2 / Chief Tactical Officer)
VOY Tom Paris (Flight Controller)


VOY Harry Kim (Ops Officer)


VOY Emergency Hologram (Hologram)

VOY Fleet | Ship | Dir | List

STO Va'Kel Shon (Captain)

STO Samuel Winters (First Officer)
●● STO Savel (Chief Medical Officer)
●● STO Tem Inasi (Chief Medical Officer)
●● STO Jirelle Kav (Chief of Operations)
●● STO Kyona (Chief Of Security / Tactical Officer)
●● STO Kirayoshi O'Brien (Chief Engineer)
●● STO Phillipa Matthias (Counsellor)

Ship | Dir | List

ORV Ed Mercer (Captain)

ORV Kelly Grayson (First Officer)

ORV Bortus (Second Officer)
ORV Gordon Molloy (Helmsman)
ORV Alara Kitan (Chief Security Officer)
ORV Isaac (Science / Engineer Officer)

ORV John LaMarr (Navigator, Chief Engineer)
ORV Claire Finn (Chief Medical Officer)
ORV Yaphit (Yaphit)
ORV Dann (Crew Member)

ORV Klyden (Bortus's Mate)
ORV Caseus (Teacher)
ORV Darulio (Great Lover)
ORV Mooska (The Ships Guinan)

Orville Fleet | U.S.S. Orville (ECV-197) | Dir | List


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