Often times a sub-group of the Science Division, The Medical Officer Staff is responsible for the care and maintenance, both physically and mentally, of those onboard a starship. This includes repairing injuries, active health, medication, therapy, Diet recommendation, and other routines which increase the well-being and functionality of the crew.

After the 2340's (TNG+ Era), Starfleet began experimenting with the installation of Photonic Lifeform Support staff and as such, an Emergency Medical Hologram was installed into all new ships and any ships that came to drydock or a refit. This Photonic Lfieform could perform all medical procedures and had limited social interaction capabilities, and was intended to act as a surgeon or in times of crisis.

The U.S.S. Voyager famously kept it's EMH active for extended periods of time due to a lack of medical staff, but some ships began activating the EMH Because they liked it's demeanor better with one patient claiming that the sight of his "bald head" made her far more comfortable.

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