Unbeknownst to even her family, Anita was a Human Temporal Agent Spy originally from the 23rd Century. Traveling through time, one of her "Secret Missions" Caused her to fall in love with a Romulan named Jack Starchaser whom she married to protect her cover, and cement her position within the Federation... Secretly too, For love.

Temporal Ambassador, and Changes

Due to the events of Temporal Ambassador, Anita's History, along with that of most of her family changed drastically. An Event Log will be created in the future to better explain timeline events.
Original Timeline

After Temporal Ambassador

In the 23rd Century, Anita is Science Officer onboard U.S.S. Nautilus. When the ship is lost in battle at XX, she finds herself in a medical bead onboard a visiting temporal ship. Recruited as a Temporal Agent, she is eventually sent to monitor Temporal Events throughout History.
In 2386, Anita is positioned on a Romulan Planet to survey potential timeline changes during the political rise of Shinzon. While studying events that will lead to the Hobus Supernova, she uncovers that Shinzon's people are planning to murder the Counsel. She is found by security shortly after the Counsel is murdered while trying to warn them and transfered to the T.S.W Silente for information extraction and transfer to a Prison Labor Camp. 
The Security Commander has his best men torture Anita upon finding out that she is a Human posing as a Romulan. Fearing the Federation's involvement, he reports to Shinzon's underlings that the Federation is Treacherous. He plans to have her executed as a spy after refusing to believe she was not part of the counsel being murdered.

U.S.S. Explorer, Stationed out of Starbase 39, is patrolling the Romulan border on the edge of the Sierra sector. They monitor a Romulan Distress call...

Prisoners on a high-security Transport ship have broken out and taken over the ship in the name of Shinzon's Order. The ruckus results in the ship's Singularity Core becoming unstable and a Distress call is sent out. 

Jack Starchaser is a Tal Shiar Sleeper Agent posing as a Human, his role is Chief Tactical Officer on U.S.S. Explorer when it responds to the Distress Call Jack Starchaser is a Tal Shiar sleeper agent who is against Shinzon's reign. He is posing as one of the inmates being transported so that he can gather intelligence from inside the prison. In a cell next to that of Anita, the two speak frequently and begin falling in love with one-another.
U.S.S. Explorer takes aboard survivors of the T.S.W Silente
While questioning and debriefing survivors, Anita appeals to Jack Starchaser, revealing that she knows he is a Tal Shiar spy and offering up her status as a temporal agent. She asks that her false name be listed as a casualty onboard T.S.W. Silente and that she be allowed to stay aboard until she can contact her agency. The two fall in love shortly after...

Jack Starchaser appeals to Captain Maletic, asking to deflect to the Federation with his "Wife" Anita. She plays along, knowing that this is her best chance. 

Maletic sees potential in Jack, and allows him onboard.

Jack is transferred and promoted to First Officer of U.S.S. Heartless. He takes a pregnant Anita along with him. Under the recomendation of Captain Maletic, Jack Starchaser is fast-tracked in officer's Training through Starfleet Academy. The Betazoid interviewers note that his Defection seems real, though that his wife is hiding elements of her past through some unknown method. Jack is encouraged to stay, though under observation.
In 2387, the Hobus Supernova happens, and Rahhmi Starchaser is born.
In response to his new Daughter, Jack Starchaser renounces all ties to the Tal Shiar, believing that the Federation will be the only sustainable place to raise a child.

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