APU Riker will Haunt You!


This image was added here along with text explaining it's existance simply so that I could post it in the KPR Discord by linking an article discussing various topics while not linking a direct image as The BooBooKitty has informed me linking articles is quite allright so long as I'm not uploading an image directly, or directly linking an image, which would go in the other thing.
When this came up, I argued that All forms of media should be relegated to the Photos area and it should be renamed, however I was shut down as linking the CNBC logo or whatever site that was is clearly okay even though it pops up a giant image.


Edit: Despite getting clarification that this did not violate rules, BoobooKitty abused privs to ban me. Hahahahahahhaa Perfect!


In yet another display of "we don't like you", Others were kicked for pointing out that i clearly followed the rules, and had previously verified the rules. But it's not the first time KPR has generally shown prejudice of this kind. While this attitude doesn't reference all members, a select few can clearly tarnish a reputation. 

This same problem has occured with Starfleet Dental in the past.


In a show of true maturity, the phrase "I am A Dickhead" was repeatedly added to this page and it was vandalized following the article's posting. A commenter on Facebook compared this situation to "Cruicifying someone for claiming the world is Round."

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