Roleplayed by: Tracy
Full Name Melinda B'Elura Addison, of House of Kaas
Statistics 5'5" / 131 lbs
Category Human, Borg
Species Human, Borg,
Birthplace S'muqur II Colony
Gender Female
Human Bio-Age 34
Displaced Age 20's
Birthday February, 3rd
Languages Federation Basic, Klingon
Affiliation Starfleet
Station USS Aleksey Krupnyk
Former Stations Starfleet Academy
Current Rank Lieutenant
Gender Female
Accolades Gold Excellence in Training Ribbon, Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon, Captain's Commendation, Borg Threat Service Medal, Silver Star, Extended Service Ribbon, Gold Lifesaving Ribbon
Marital In Relationship
Romance 3 of 6
Children None
Siblings None


Seven is one of the recent additions to the USS Aleksey Krupnyk - proving that she can do her part and go well beyond her duties, following the example of her Captain and close friend, Jan Darkrider, who liberated her and taught her about the individuality for the first time.

Formely Astrometrics Officer, under Commander 5 of 6. Recently requested Field-training for Command, serving on the Bridge during the 'Graveyard-shifts', mentored by the Krupnyk's Captain quite often.


  • Full Name: Melinda B'Elura Addison of House of Kaas
  • Race: Human / Borg
  • Date of Birth: February, 3rd
  • Place of Birth: S'muqur II Colony
  • Age: 34
  • Gender: Female
  • Height: 5'5"
  • Weight: 131 lbs


  • Hair Color: Black
  • Length of Hair: Short
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Skin Tone: Pale
  • Birthmarks, Scars: Scar on right side of her face
  • Tattoos, Piercings & Body Modifications:
    • Borg Implants
      • Retains 41% of her original Borg Implants, most are vital to her survival.
      • Her implants provide augumentation to both her mental and physical capabilities.
      • Has Eidetic Memory.
      • Due to Borg Nanoprobes in her bloodstream - aging-process close to being halted, appears in her 20's
        • Requires Borg Regeneration
  • Build: Small, atlethic, slim
  • Composure: Impatient
  • Poses: Shifts weight from foot to foot, somewhat impatient, temperament
  • Taste in Clothing (when off duty): Comfortable, Klingon armor
  • Shoes: Any comfortable
  • Voice: Strong, confident
  • Handedness: Right

Personal Profile

  • Quarters: Displays various Klingon regalia and weapons. Highly disorderly, hides Three's Medical reports.
  • Favorite Room: Holodeck, Six Onward
  • Religion/Spiritual Devotion: None
  • Hobbies and Pastimes: Holodeck training
  • Likes:
    • Fighting
    • Coffee and Raktajino
    • Working
    • Stargazing,
    • Blowing off steam in Klingon holodeck programs.
    • Reading 20th and 21st Century Science Fiction and Fantasy
    • Fantasy Role-playing
    • Researching various subjects
  • Dislikes:
    • Being nagged
    • Cowards
    • Dishonorable people
    • Tal Shiar
  • Ambitions and Goals:
    • Defeat the Borg Collective
    • Getting her own Command
  • Achievements in Life:
    • Achievements
  • Disappointments in Life:
    • TBA
  • Notable personality characteristics and quirks:
    • Efficient
    • Stubborn
    • Strong-willed
    • Impatient
    • Short-tempered
    • Thoughtful
    • Analytic
    • Pouts and her nose wrinkles when she disagrees with someone, sometimes in endearing way.
    • Throws shoes at her significant other whenever he unleashes 'medical-mumbo jumbo' on her or whenever she didn't have her morning Raktajino or coffee.
    • Refers to herself in third-person (ie. "This Lieutenant greets you.") quite often, as a die-hard habit from her life in the Collective.
    • Is literal
    • Knows/understands more slang and idioms than Jan, but sometimes struggles with them as well

Family and Relationships

  • Biological Parents & family:
    • Mother: Emily Addison
    • Father: Phil Addison
    • Siblings: None
  • Spouse: 3 of 6
  • Children: None
  • Other Notable Relationships:
    • Sixes
      • Jan Darkrider - Jan and Seven are like sisters. When there's one of them, during the off-time, it's almost for granted that the other is somewhere nearby or would appear soon enough. The two of them quite often do things together, being mischievous in their own ways.
      • 2 of 6 - Two loves to tease Seven, as she similarly to Jan Darkrider doesn't understand humor too well and both of them are literal.
      • 3 of 6 - Boyfriend. While Seven loves him to bits and pieces, she still glares him to death whenever Three goes on 'medical mumbo-jumbo', a quirk shared with Jan.
      • 4 of 6 - The two of them enjoy warm and positive demeanor towards each other
      • 5 of 6 - Seven was first individual on board of the ship, which he has warmed up to, since her assignment under Science Department. He sees her akin his daughter
    • Other members of USS Aleksey Krupnyk
    • Other Starfleet Officers
  • Others:
    • List

Early life

Born as Melinda Addison on 52874.04 - Seven was a lively and stubborn, strong-willed child. Inquisitive, curious, she was often picking fights with other kids in the colony, being akin a troublemaker.

Assimilation & Life in the Collective

Stardate 56775.72 - The S'muqur II Colony caught unfortunate interest of the Borg Collective, and most of its' inhabitants were either assimilated or killed. Little Melinda was hand-picked by the Borg Queen herself, being assimilated in just 4-years of her age. A scary experience for a little child to go through, Melinda's individuality not having chance to fully develop, being given Borg Designation of 7 of 77, Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix 01, working closely with the Borg Queen.

Stardate 59390.42 - Seven and Jan Darkrider crash-landed on an M-class planet, along with 6 of 6, known as K'Temoc, all of them having their connection to the Borg Collective severed. While K'Temoc had individuality to revert to, the two other Borg Drones didn't - beginning to experience strong fears. Eventually, both of them were convinced in building a makeshift Distress beacon, that the Collective could locate them. However, Jan's curiosity grew stronger; as K'Temoc attempted to introduce the two Drones to the individuality. Seven refused to engage in 'irrelevant discourses', controlled by her fears, continuing to build the Distress-beacon.

These fears gaining on intensity even more, once K'Temoc died from the damages he has sustained in the crash-landing - the two remaining Drones getting into a fight with each other, as Darkrider, by then 1 of 6, was determined to escape the Collective; ending up in using her own weapon, to shoot 7 of 77 to her leg, to stop her from pursuing her any further.

Eventually, the Borg Collective located Seven, her distress-signal being picked up by 5 of 6 and the Borg Cube was dispatched to their rescue. While Seven was quick on re-joining the Borg Collective, Darkrider was not, and it took several hours for the Borg to locate the last errant drone, forcing Jan Darkrider to re-join the Collective.

Notably, neither of them didn't recall events of this until 83269.46, where she, and Darkrider went through similar Ion storm crash-landing, this time as members of the Aleksey Krupnyk, the memories resurfacing for both of them.

Seven was liberated on Stardate 80221.72 by Jan Darkrider, who was rather fresh-Captain by then.

Academy Life

Seven didn't spend too much time in the Academy. Entering the Starfleet Academy in August 2406 - she learnt of Darkrider's re-assimilation early in October, Krupnyk being back under command of Jennifer Firali - the new Cadet at the Academy becoming impatient, wanting to go back and find her friend and mentor. It was Firali, who convinced her to remain and continue with her academic studies.

Seven kept up with her interest in observing the stars during her off-times, quite often spacing out in the Astrometrics, that once leading to her missing on a lesson, being disciplined for it. She'd also find a friend in her roommate, Shamika Uhura Hayes, who has taught her a great deal about individuality, idioms and human humor.

Starting second year, it was agreed that Seven would be stationed on the Aleksey Krupnyk, as part of her field-training program, making it possible for her to serve on board of the ship, while still being a Cadet at the Starfleet Academy. It was later that year, when 7 of 77 has earned her field-comission and promotion to Ensign, due to her ability to study quickly, proving that keeping her much longer as a Cadet would be contra-productive both for her, as an individual, as well as for Starfleet, which was dealing with threats from various fronts; especially from the emerging Borg threat - as the Collective has expanded to the Beta Quadrant due to advances in technology, after mostly hidding for last several decades.

As such, Seven graduated in August of 2408 - already an Ensign for almost a year.

Post-Graduation & Re-liberating Darkrider

Seven has returned to the Krupnyk right after the graduation, her goal being clear. She wanted to help Firali to re-liberate Jan Darkrider, effort, which has been unsuccesful for nearly two years, as the Borg Queen didn't want to let go of her 'favorite Drone'. Eventually, the crew of the USS Aleksey Krupnyk succeeded in liberating their Commanding Officer in late 2408, while 'Sixes' and 7 of 77 have greatly contributed to the effort.

Service on board of Krupnyk


Service Record

Assignment History
Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Cadet Fourth Class 2406 - 2407 Starfleet Academy Student
Ensign 2407 - 2408 Starfleet Academy USS Aleksey Krupnyk Student
Lieutenant JG 2408 USS Aleksey Krupnyk Astrometrics Officer
Lieutenant 2410 USS Aleksey Krupnyk Junior Bridge Ofc.




  • TBA

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